Step to open the door, a group of people wheat and other programs, smiled at him and said:

  ”Ji total, early.”
  Yao Ji ceremony greeted respond to them holding a shoe covers, “so early start shooting, ah, do not aircraft at night?”
  Wheat said: “Early to film clips of some preparation work.”
  Forest Health hear the familiar voice, busy washing my face, came out from the bathroom, a bit surprised to rush the program group of people waved, “Good morning.”
  Yao Ji ritual roll up their sleeves, “just come, have not eat?I was ready to give life and make breakfast.”
  Wheat and small around assistant, photographer busy waved, “Ji total’re welcome, do not control our.”
  Yao Ji ceremony did not say anything, turned around to play with toaster.
  Lin busy students to the program set down juice.Wheat found that this is a good shot, so busy with the photographer captured immediately, while a small channel on Forest Health:
  ”Discipline is normally always cook it?”
  Lin-sheng took a sip of milk, white milk foam sticky on the lips, he licked, “ah.”
  ”Do not help you in the past?”
  Lin-sheng Chong She shrugged, “General Ji always let me help, I was at home when the general was responsible overlord.”
  Yao Ji ceremony also heard and watched his eyes forest health, pupil with a smile.
  Wheat table