go with!!Wait and see, a bucket of gold, the best always so openly without making mistakes.Cannon fodder there should be cannon fodder of consciousness!!

  The microphone to Miu Miu, land seventy-one slowly off the stage, sat down on the seat.Zhang Yun came over, “Kim Doo is a child of the summer Yun artists studio to buy.”This is found in the latest news.
  Lu seventy-one nodded, turned out to be Qingyun, Oh.
  Albatron boss Wei Jili earliest earliest and shipping is done to make money.Relied home have the money, the loan to buy a boat made sea.At that time leased land is the home of the harbor warehouse.
  Later, Wei Jili has done other business, set up a decade ago Qingyun, unexciting when Wei Ji utilizing a diamond statue, married is surprising then headed big star, just to get international honors actress Lan Lan.

227 Chapter malicious
  The Lan Lan also brings a lot now ubiquitous artists and managers have the ability to give someone pulse Qingyun.
  兰兰比魏吉利 small twenty-three.This advertise their love for the regular TV, the year before Lan Lan also relying on variety with a small son, again became a frontline artist.
  Xia Tong this man, Lu seventy-one impression is not deep, there is a second and third tier masterpiece, but not red female artist.Debut early, now semi-retired status, with new support company.Many artists have been relying on big companies, then the single has its own studio, but has yet to complete the artist’s studio success up, because you want to sustain their reputation as artists, but also led to new