Similarities, but the difference is more.Specifically, we provide samples and technical information to partners, and then they do the same to the quality and quantity of production.We will not bear the investment foundry plant, equipment, all of which belong to the cooperative enterprises want to undertake the necessary orders upfront investment, they need to earn profits from OEM contracts gradually recover the costs!”

  ”That’s foundry business to be designed for you to build a new production line, is it not a great investment?”Xie Li asked thought.
  ”This is the other side a chance to show their strength, we can not choose without any foundation of small factories to cooperate.And as long as the other party to sign an agreement with us, you can get a contract for a loan to the bank, so do not you think the threshold so high!”Li Xuan said with a smile.
  Dongfang Electronics reason why the manufacturing sector outsourcing, because the replacement of electronic products quickly, meaning that the production line depreciation quickly, if you can not quickly update equipment, production efficiency will be reduced.As a business investment in equipment and a lot of.Once turned into cash fixed assets.U-turn is not easy to think of business.
  And after Dongfang Electronics outsourcing the production chain, is equivalent to the pressure and the risk of investment in fixed assets fell upon the foundry, they can move forward with ease, the situation is not ready to withdraw.
  Not to mention the manufacturing sector needs to recruit a large number of workers, and the resulting management costs are not cheap.East just a game company.If the arcade, handheld, FC game consoles have their own production, thousands of people instantly become a large-scale enterprise.Such a large enterprise requires a high tube