Screaming, others did not recognize scream followed.Sheng Joe saw concealed, and that the lens has been hate her and never leave, only to remove the cap mask, smiling toward the camera and waved.

  So the audience will see, Sheng Joe sitting in the audience.
  Front guest seats artists also quite unexpected, Hu Rui Wen hastened back, saw behind her, shabu got up, ran two or three steps, excited little face: “Joe Sister, how you coming?How you sit there, ah, you come to see me and you?”
  Joe sat behind Hu Sheng, Rui fans, almost crazy: “ah ah ah ah ah Ruirui baby to see Ma Ma Ma Ma In this ah!”
  Media artist district of fashion, quickly ran over, and the camera microphone hate all over, reporters asked excitedly: “Sheng Joe, was surprised to see you here, you come to see Shen Jun is intended to do?”
  Sheng Joe: “???”
  Sitting next to the Little Sisters of barley: “Well!”
  Sheng Qiao Momo light board to pull out of the bag, open, bright pink light suddenly, four characters: Yu Yu fairy.
  Hey, I thought the big news caught.
  Field corn poppy saw the pink light board on the big screen Sheng Joe out, suddenly scream, ah ah ah ah is my home!Corn poppy audience began shouting the name of Zhao Yu, the atmosphere is very hot moment.
  This caused uproar from prosperity until Joe came Moderator