There is no focal length, so weak he should fall at any time, but his pace towards the seedlings, but firm predicament.Time seems back to ten years ago, ten-year-old seedlings pulled his sleeve, eyes pray, I hope he can take her along when he could not save her, and this time, he never threw her.

  Behind him, Xiao Zhengbang holding bloody fruit knife, grim smile.
  Studios very quiet, except for the sound operation of the machine, no other ring, Fu raw cold just feel immersive general, feel the party of despair and helplessness, even though he saw the script, know how to develop the next, he was I can not help but feel worried as the main men and women.
  He had to lament, Su Yuan with Gujiu An acting is really good, so that all immersed in the drama.
  Filming continues.
  Fu Shen know is poor and see it in front of the seedlings stood still, perhaps too painful wounds, Shen know it straight spine bent down and began to whisper cough, expectoration tiny Xue Mo, then he wiped the mouth with the index finger, nostalgia and gentle eyes looked tied to the pillars of Su Yuan.
  At this time, it sounded behind the slow footsteps.
  Shen know it did not look back, but leaned over the lip conspire seedlings ear, gently said something.