Shop is gone, talk about a comeback?This deficit are the foundation ah.

When I think of any master, only to find blood on the Bay, not to mention the breath up, two and one black will be directly fainted.
Ren steward minions quickly rushed to leaning: “Sir, sir,!”
Zhou steward sneer: “It is still noisy what?roll!”
Ren minions did not dare to stay, quickly leaning either classic “roll” the.
Yongxing Embroidery servant and asked: “Sir, this is something to wash the pavement in any house also keep it all.”
“Find someone to help him move out, back into his house, I can be considered the last of his good deeds.”Zhou Lengheng soon steward, not the backing of any home, Yongxing Embroidery fundamentally do not pay too much attention.

Chai down the news, from the second day began to gradually spread out, almost everyone cheering, sad only Ren full stomach.
Also helping any master sad that in this day early in the morning, never Mallory Street announced the opening of the street.
Meanwhile, the streets of shops to Yongxing Embroidery headed by Sheng together