Then divided into two screens, left shows a lot of very complex code, displayed on the right is a percentage of the progress bar.

  Just last night southerly whole heart Yu Group has opened up the network, as long as the finished article into the map, it can be the whole group of all the stolen technology secrets.
  Street language sneer, but also a pure gold hanging around his neck pulled down flash drive into the computer which.
  Southerly and last night, as both have a percentage of the progress bar.
  At this point two hacker community pinnacle of the great God, this time not as if the hand operated keyboard and mouse, but Daoqiangjianji.
  Screen display, the code does not seem to be, but the real battlefield, the battlefield soldiers fighting Xuerouhengfei!
  The progress bar two are rapidly toward the end, tense, life and death, between the lines!
  Two big God have been out cold sweat, next to the match and Cao Yu Mo heart repair heart into my mouth the.
  At this critical moment, suddenly last night south wind screen, black brush look up!
  ”what happened!”
  Looked back and saw white leaf standing behind him, hands carrying unplug the power plug.
  Lightly, “This is not much easier it.”