An Wei Zhen, then, seem to have some relax.

“Look at him, the shorter the time required, as evidenced by the less his resentment, the future can be detached in this state the infant spirit of the greater chance of.”

An accompanying CD Zhen this soon Carter, still hanging in the air Zhou Zhou suddenly out of thin air from the flame, the moment this gorgeous golden flames engulfed his body!

“Zhou Zhou!”Wu Tao felt a huge split mind!

An Wei Zhen is not lifted by the head, and looked to be wrapped in flame Zhou Zhou, and Zhou Zhou lost consciousness like a general, even if this flame swept through the whole body, not a trace of change complexion.

Hand prevents Wu Tao, An Wei Zhen faint wants to rescue approached: “You is now up against him, it is clear the fire, is one of several net fire spirit world, you can wash his body resentment, if you stepped forward to stop, your body aggregate contaminated with this clarity of the fire, then I may not have a second way to let him restore.”

Listen An indifferent tone Wei Zhen, Wu Tao also know that some impatient, but watching is suspended in midair huge fireball, Wu Tao was distraught and asked: “Really all right?”

“nothing.”An Wei Zhen finished answering these, the end is unable to withstand systemic dig