In the past: “Never mind, I go and you teach him.”

  Yu Zela live her and said: “Do not care about garbage.”
  The parties are so to say, Donna to temporarily let go of the door disagreeable maggots.
  On stage to sing a song just a few minutes of stage makeup it takes a half hour.In the group of people around Yu Ze busy time, also in households participating in the sea Satellite TV New Year’s Eve performance of Li Hong to say hello.
  He has a good stage of makeup, she wore a gorgeous dress with sequins, light gray eyes elegant and calm in costumes set off.
  Yu Ze makeup to staff thought that came to Li Hong Yu Ze, also deliberately let get out of a place near Hong Li, did not think the hottest actor coming directly toward the blonde girl sitting on couch.
  ”Preparations going?”
  Donna knows what he asked.
  ”No hurries.”She was about to white at him, I think now is Bo Dina’s identity, said softly:” Thirteen places around the globe that no one in China, where’s the time I ran the world?”
  ”When are you going to go?”
  ”February, spring break time.”she says.
  Li Hong said: “March, large IP” sin “will begin open casting, you