The yearbook to think so much, then he also knows the original Xiao lost XIA away nine indefinite and unconditional desire.After all, the first and second year to make a bet on the college entrance examination scores, no one conceal it.

  XIA away from childhood took away the winter when my brother’s best friend and neighbor, never telling him what, answer, of course, also include Cheng Dong asked her for the first time, is not in love.
  Although XIA saw the train goes away on Christmas Eve, crying into the eyes are swollen package of small cry, but Cheng winter only to let her stop crying, in fact, did not say anything more.
  Cheng Dong not like to show weakness, even in those days was a teenager when, against his father’s high-voltage violence, he refused to back down, now grown up, have seven years of age, it is even more do not want to take away the language and XIA uncomfortable about their time, and analyze why he did not confess to occupy the first pit early, so that miss out on all the psychological state.
  It is confident a student, most of them are based on studies.And he grew out of his own test scores, about enough XIA away a fraction.The test is not too general high line, she took home a large sum of each week.High School two years later, he was even pull away with XIA