We previously said to her with a souvenir.”

  ”Elsewhere in the room turn yet?”Flower Mu stood up and said:” It seems quite large?”
  Vietnam also later met with the cry, and followed him to see the other rooms of exquisite design, and a variety of furnishings are said hand-picked by the Master.
  He seems to be still thinking about that a pair of pale flowers Mu and graceful lines of the hand, so that some go to see what God.
  - stood next to a small wood fireplace there is a great field of vision glass French window, you can see here leaning against the building blocks of half of the city in general the city, one can not simply look at the end of the city and the River.
  Flower Mu took out his camera took a picture, but also a glimpse of the night feeling a little red-glazed windows face.
  ”In thinking what?”
  The evening also rubbed his face, shook his head quickly.
  - Palm forest-like living room, decorated with shelves on both sides of medieval silver, soft sofa can sleep one day people lying on top.
  And it is suitable for kneeling stuck up his ass, then.
  Vietnam also late and shook his head, trying to expose serious expression.
  Freeze think!It is to take over tourism!So we will have to go out and play!
  - There may be two people sleeping inside the immersion bath, it seems to be without taste and fragrance Bulgari bath products are quite good.
  Mu spend a little bow confirm bathtub material, next