While doing their own thing, people looked up from time to time on a sofa, swelling of the heart was full, full of joy and sweet.

  He shakes his head, micro oct long sip pressure Yajing.
  Whether real or task world, both sure and make certain she has never been such a scenario, if there is, she probably did not know what to do when a dream.
  Such a situation is not surprising that people sometimes dreamed people have never seen done before, when one day in the real world suddenly felt a familiar scene happened, happened in a dream of their own too, will feel it is amazing.
  Her boyfriend did not reality itself is painted Man of the girl, had this romantic dream is normal.
  Think of comics, her mind a move.
  Went to the bedroom to find out what they need, she seize the time, the man in the painting seriously sofa together.
  She painted ecstatic, enjoy a good painting alone after the next, he is proud of his got it in front of someone’s voice hoarse laugh and asked: “What are you reading?”
  Xin Wei Tai began a long, twilight Xing was awake, she looked at the positive side head sit and wait, black hair slightly messy, many cold soft facial features, some hook people laugh lips