Bi Ying This again answered a God to children, but she had forgotten the words you just said.

  ”You have a problem state.”Chen diving convinced of this.
  Ye Xue Fu and Ye Xiao Yao came up to asking questions, engage in Bi Ying embarrassed, she felt all right, wash your face might like.
  Later, Chen diving to make a decision today not to go out Bi Ying, goblins and arrange any time of staring at her, the effect must not careful.
  Ye Xiao Yao boldly to ensure that, if they do, then it becomes A cup.
  This guarantee can be really toxic, Chen diving no reason not to trust her.
  Then the work of people go to work, Ye Xiao Yao Chen did not live up to the trust of diving, sure enough, after everyone left just followed behind Bi Ying.
  Bi Ying made by her embarrassed, and said he really all right, just to sleep is certainly confused, but Ye Xiao Yao insisted followed her, but she took his body when the guarantee, which may never be joke.
  Su Qing units arrived soon after heard a report last night on duty colleagues, said yesterday evening, the day mirage eight people jumped at home!
  Today early in the morning is a suicide of!We are now ready to arrange for someone to live it.
  This may be too frightening, Su Qing is really for those who have family and friends feel sorry