, Suggesting that he did not fall asleep.

  ”How this is early in the morning losing his temper it?”Lin Yao Ji ceremony in PV body.
  The latter mouth open, “No, that is, to adapt to the early days of a person’s sleep.”
  Forest Health amused, “What do you adapt to it, I want to wash up the.”He said my legs, you want to cross the ritual Ji Yao’s body out of bed, do not want Yao Ji ceremony this time sat up, put him to stand waist, holding went to the bathroom.
  Yao Ji Lin-sheng gift to squeeze the toothpaste, “I gave you bought toiletries, and Xiamen that UV is stronger than our side, attention to the sun, back to you to buy a men’s skin care products, do remember to pay, or we’ll be peeling sun.”
  Forest Health perfunctory nod.
  Yao Ji ceremony went on, “do not listen to you or an actor, but also to pay attention to skin care, not because I was lazy.”
  ”I know it know it!”Lin-sheng rushed to him parts of a wet towel, cover his face,” Do you want the two of us to open full voice, to the time you remind me?”
  Yao Ji ceremony lengleleng, “can you?”
  Forest Health laughing, pinching his face, “Of course you can not do!”
  Two mouth, toothpaste bubble, chat vaguely.
  At this time, the doorbell suddenly rang, Yao Ji ceremony mouth busy, fast