Knight underboss left hand fracture surgery is expected to decide not to injury eight weeks

  Beijing on February 3, according to the NBA's official website reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers announced their starting power forward Kevin – Loew left hand does not need to accept the surgery, but he will injury eight weeks。
  Loew is the fifth metacarpal fracture in his left hand away loss to the Cavaliers Pistons game。
After that, Loew went to New York to meet surgeon and ask for advice, but the Cavaliers medical team accompanied him go together。   In the end, Loew decided not to accept the left hand surgery, but let it recover。   In 2009, Loew's left hand had undergone an operation。
  This season, Loew is rebounding Cavaliers, averaging grabbed rebounds。 In addition, he is also the second number Cavaliers scorer, averaging points。
  While Loew does not need surgery, but he will injury eight weeks, which means he estimated to be back before the playoffs begin wait until。   At present, the Cavaliers came in third in the East。
  Before Loew broken left hand, he was named to the All-Star lineup。 But with his injuries, the league announced that the Miami Heat point guard Golan – Dragic replace the All-Star Lufkin。   (Rosen)。