He said..

  ”The minister would like to thank Thank you for your support ACON company’s development, I as a shareholder of the company ACON, where Whatever you like, thanks!”Said Li Xuan sincere toast.
  ”I wonder if Lee had not considered over mainland investment?We have four machines under the Ministry of many state-owned electronics factory strength is very good, plenty of talent, but suffer from a shortage of funds can not update equipment.If your company is willing to cooperate by you out of technology and capital, we have the talent and the land, the joint venture plant, can achieve strong alliance, mutual benefit and win-win!”Minister Xie did not beat around the bush, generous to tell their own purposes.
  Li Xuan bitter shook his head apologetically said: “Oriental internal electronics have been trying to achieve flat management, the main focus on research and development and sales, most of the specific production processes outsourcing, we basically very little themselves to engage in the production of products!”

201 Chapter Harvest

  Mainland now implemented or planned economic system, market economic reform has only just begun suggested that all factories are manufactured in accordance with the task index higher authorities.The product does not produce its own R & D, called on behalf of other factory production, which in the country unless there is an executive order, or may never happen.
  ”It is not, and processing is the same reason, you out of equipment and raw materials, and then find someone to help produce, then pay a nominal fee!”Xie Li thought again and said,” Your company can and domestic enterprises, the cost we charge is certainly much lower than in Hong Kong company!”
  Li Xuan shook his head, organized his language, said: “There are some