What constellation is fifteen August?

August FIFA is Leo. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and the dominant star is the sun.. Just like the sun, Leo shines brightly and is the messenger of light and justice.. Lions are independent, self-possessed, have their own ideals, love to express themselves, and hope to be appreciated by all.. Lions are good at doing things and will try their best to do everything perfectly.. Lions live up to their reputation. Most of them are domineering and have outstanding leadership skills..   Leo is the constellation representing the king.. Every corner of life is a show of Leo’s life.. They show their domineering qualities all the time.. They are forthright and generous in their work, calm in their speech and never falter. In their dictionary, inside, face takes precedence over reason and never falls behind in any situation.. Leo’s ability to observe people and things is extremely strong, and their exquisite mind is different from their domineering appearance.. It is easy for them to judge a person’s personality characteristics from the changes of each other’s clothes, manners and looks, thus paving the way for their next social intercourse..   Leos are clear in the crowd. They are leaders. They are not only good at leadership but also can set an example by themselves.. They like to wear luxurious and gorgeous clothes, behave generously, and act decisively and boldly.. They are arrogant and arbitrary at times. They need to restrain themselves all the time in the crowd, reflect on themselves, bring their own advantages into full play, and revel in themselves.. Leo people will never be stingy with money. They can satisfy their needs for family, lovers and friends. They are generous people.. Lions Saving Face, therefore, have always had a good reputation for being honest and trustworthy. They are not allowed to hear negative comments about themselves in other people’s mouths..   Leo in Saving Face likes to listen to flattery from others, which has become the fatal weakness of lions.. No matter the good or evil intention of the other party, they all enjoy this feeling very much.. My heart is high, my temper is big, and I am greedy.. Dominant lions are not easy to listen to advice from many parties and are more arbitrary. Sometimes they force others to think in line with themselves. They are very domineering and arrogant.. In this way, the motives in interpersonal relationships are easily exposed, and people will still feel that this person is overbearing, unreasonable and hypocritical even if his appearance is righteously dignified.. In dealing with interpersonal relationships, too much attention is paid to face, and it is easy to fall into awkward situations.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.