After 85 months bread brother earned 20,000 business story

March 14, 2017, Weihai, Shandong, this boy was born in 1987, called NORTHWESTERN POLYTECHNICAL UNIVERSITY within Weihai Chang Noi village market a bread shop owner.This handsome guy though young, but has already spent six years of his bread business, able to sell more than 8,000 daily bread.March 14, 2017, into NORTHWESTERN POLYTECHNICAL UNIVERSITY bread shop, store looks small, but the door is not a small battle, one Longti pile together a full 3 meters high.NORTHWESTERN POLYTECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Shandong Heze people, after graduating from high school who had been learning along with his uncle steamed buns.6 years ago, and claims levels can apprenticeship, he carries entrepreneurial dream, together with parents from home to Weihai, opened a small bread shop.When business start-ups is difficult NORTHWESTERN POLYTECHNICAL UNIVERSITY almost always get up at 3 o’clock every day, from fermentation to face the election, from the dough to the drawer, again the last batch of the bread came out after moving to small car sales.One day down, such as when the busiest periods in the past, has come to a basic lunch time.In order to win a good reputation among customers, after NORTHWESTERN POLYTECHNICAL UNIVERSITY shop, always adhere to in ensuring the bread taste, the quality of the premise, good business integrity and good service.Gradually, the bread shop brand getting louder and louder, more and more repeat customers, not only on the sales booths and more popular, some companies took the initiative to contact the person in charge of the canteen sent orders.In this way, NORTHWESTERN POLYTECHNICAL UNIVERSITY business is growing, and even the father but also because the store shortage joined his bread shop.Now, can hold 40 bread Longti cage every day to sell at least 200.One month down, the bread shop to have NORTHWESTERN POLYTECHNICAL UNIVERSITY nearly 2 million income.