After 85 pole dancing club business story of beauty

Recently, the net posts, “Wuhan after 85 beauty teach pole dancing” in the online heat transfer and circle of friends, misunderstood by society before the pole dancing, now by more and more white-collar women love River City.Yesterday, the reporter interviewed 85 after the beautiful pole dancing teacher, Cheng Jingjing, a beloved woman pole dancing.According to her words, to see the tree would not consciously want to jump to climb the two erupted.Wu Xiaosheng live temper will be graduating from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Venture Han Cheng Jingjing, 1 meter 67, skin firming, figure to be light, facial features comes with a smile, he took off his thin cotton, which wore only a light blue shirt.Jingjing teacher, you wear so little, not cold?What cold, pole dancing person, never winter is not cold.After 85 Cheng Jingjing was born in Huanggang, is an only daughter, 6 years old her mother was sent to a martial arts school.Every morning before dawn, she would have to get up at 5 km run.Backflips practice, the coach took the sword standing on the side of the bunker, make life difficult for three times, the sword came pixia.Two years later, Jingjing finally returned to the ordinary school.This time I read Stakhanovite school jobs that do not complain.She said the military school for two years she learned how to be patient and stick!Cheng Jingjing graduated from high school admitted to Beijing University of Posts and Communications Information Management.After graduation, Cheng Jingjing enter Beijing’s telecommunications industry to work.Less than two months, she resigned because of dislike towards nine to five life.During the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications reading, I obsessed on the pole dancing school.At that time, I wanted to be good after learning institution founded pole dancing.In 2006, she founded carries 50,000 yuan in Wuhan, pole dancing club, was not popular home pole dancing, we all feel that this is the dance style nightclub.Today, in addition to the club’s headquarters in Wuhan, Jiujiang, Xiaogan, Xianning have branch campuses Cheng Jingjing.10 years, she has trained more than 30,000 students in the province and outside.BOSS woman claiming to be a full-time biggest dream is to do odd jobs overseas school now, Cheng Jingjing pole dancing club, not just teach pole dancing, all air dance has taught her, so she regularly to Beijing and Hong Kong Learning.I am a teacher in the classroom Jingjing, after class I was a full-time odd jobs, and consequently I do in the company, the company’s public micro-channel number and website maintenance, making posters, video design, not do not trust outsiders to take over, but others do difficult to achieve the effect I want.Colleagues Hua Hua said the teacher, Cheng Jingjing things very rigorous, hands-on everything, but did not stand a little boss.Cheng Jingjing said that, unlike other kinds of dance, pole dancing for beginners somewhat difficult, once you learn addictive.2016, Chinese pole dancing championship women’s champion Tan Xiuxiu, had studied at Cheng Jingjing pole dancing school, it is currently Cheng Jingjing pole dancing club coach teacher.Currently, Cheng Jingjing pole dancing club as well as Ukraine and Poland teacher trainees, students are also very much.So, I now actively learn English!Biggest dream is to one day open a pole dancing agencies in New York, show dance style!Pole dancing man, never worry about gaining weight!Because too much physical exertion, can not wait to eat five tons a day!Cheng Jingjing in the eyes, shaping more elegant than weight loss, more physical!Cheng Jingjing also suggested that female friends, do not hit hyaluronic acid, do not eat any weight loss products, a more healthy way to lose weight and shaping, it is sports.