80 Freaky own brand of small volumes of cattle and sheep business story

Hefei sheep small volume of beef noodles takeaway owners have sold almost a year, according to his former colleague Chen introduced: the beginning, we were colleagues.But now, she has already become my ‘boss’.Monthly net income security at the end easily break 50,000 yuan.For 80 after a hot mom, housewives.Such income, already shocked a lot of people, it is the envy of his colleagues.Below, we grilled a steak roll a monthly income of 50,000 small business story.Brave: decided to resign, do what you love to do Chen know little volume is a time in the early 15.At that time together and we worked for a small volume of fruit O2O electricity supplier company.Small volumes are responsible for innovation division, it means innovative product development.For example, fruit nutritious lunch, fruit salad, a variety of flavors of freshly squeezed juices, etc..Just eat a variety of fruits, job seemingly Shuangwai, in fact, it is hard.To continue to toss, continuous research and development, not only to ensure the taste, but also to ensure the color value of the product.Perhaps it is because of this dedication to her, like the toss, only the achievements of today is not the same small volume.More never thought of her after two weeks, they leave the!Purely from the point of view of working conditions, the head of a monthly salary of 8,000 plus performance commission, in Hefei city, such a work considered to be very good, but the boss thinks highly of her, because the subsequent explosion of products, are counting on her to.However, she still resolutely resigned.Entrepreneurship: own brand cattle and sheep small volume, Hefei hot circle of friends say, only not live up to the beauty and gourmet.Shortly after leaving the small volume, start a business.In fact, the beginning, she did not sell beef noodle this thing, positioned so high force grid business.Just the same as other girls, like the circle of friends showing off their spiritual food goods.However, the opportunities really do not understand this stuff sometimes.Suddenly one day, the show the show the initiative to invite someone to hand lost one hundred micro-letter envelopes, and she wanted to help make a beef noodles.Later, as everyone’s word of mouth, more and more orders to.Sensitive mind and therefore she saw a business opportunity.To create their own brand, to do their own food.Small volumes of cattle and sheep are now four main dishes.Beef noodles, Yang Xiezai, fermented rice rosary, as well as seasonal products Crab Lennon.This is a small volume of food several signs craft, but also the most customer repeat purchase frequency products.Beef noodles, is the first small volume of food.It also ordered most dishes, regarded as the staple food of all ages.For this reason small volume spent two months in particular, ask the shop teacher faces a number of learning know-how to make beef noodle.Beef cuts medium size, thin white fat, a small fire to boil soup secret.Noodles, but also their own handmade roll system to ensure that slim chewy and tasty.As for Yang Xiezai, many people do not know what is, in fact, Yang Xiezai the sheep girders, also known as Yang keel, which is sheep’s spine, the section from sheep keel a transverse section looked to Ah-shape , a little below the bifurcation, shape looks like scorpion publicity, hence the name.This road food, the main feature is a spicy, especially for girls taste!With a small volume of cattle and sheep growing reputation.Small volume has introduced two new occasion cuisine.That is, this fall launched a rosary fermented rice and crab Lennon.This season crab, delicious understand that people know.It is worth mentioning that the small volume of beef noodles not only become popular in local Hefei.Now also developed a new plastic packaging and storage means.SF through the cold chain, the food delivery to major cities.Xiao Nizi ambition is getting bigger.Chen said he is very envious of small volume, but more to admire, because the efforts of small volume, he felt that the success of small volumes of cattle and sheep, not an accident is inevitable.Let’s talk about small volumes monthly income of 50,000 is how come.1, the high-end price positioning, consumer psychology in line with expectations.First talk about sheep small volume pricing system.Meat surface 85 yuan a weight of 4 people, plus two spiced corned egg and other ingredients; crab Lennon, 85 yuan / 4, with a spicy sauce and fresh vegetables; Yang Xiezai, 68 per copy, 4 people the weight.10 yuan a cup of red beans fermented rice.Plus some other ingredients, small volumes of main products are basically very close to the market price, even if you count the cost of service, she was still a relatively affordable price kind.The average customer price of cattle and sheep in a small volume of 80 yuan.Small volume orders nearly a month, the average daily order volume stable at about 35 single.Monthly sales of about 9 million, this means a monthly income of 50,000 yuan does not say, that is about it?Done catering friends should all know how much some of the market.2, fans Internet economy era, the user determines the purchasing power of data.Second, the success of cattle and sheep small volumes, benefited from the good momentum of development of micro-channel and new media.Micro letter changed our way of life, and even change the life trajectory of the small volume of these people like.If you look five years ago, these entrepreneurial approach is not possible.Currently a small volume micro-channel is actually not a lot of fans.With only less than two thousand people.She is not the same as any other derivative, by all means crazy plus powder.But selective attract potential customers to improve their level of fan and user stickiness.3, dare to think, dare, the courage to adhere to success is not easy, the opportunity is always reserved for those who are hard-working, who are prepared, who can persevere.In fact, many of us have seen the development of the Internet trend, both saw an opportunity micro-channel fan.But why only a small volume such people succeed?A sack of bricks that you could not move, but you can carry a sack of bills to run!We all have the desire money, but lost his laziness and courage to dare to try, lazy late stage cancer.Summary: The rapid development of the Internet economy, more and more of our network business opportunity.We not only have a strong desire to chase success, and more importantly, in order to successfully resolve to fight to the death.Small volume of business stories tell us, each of us the opportunity to belong to an ordinary person, but success only belongs to those who strive to uphold the off.