80 beautiful wine open creative salad bar

Dreaming plan to win popular summer of 2012, the red ink Zhang Feng Ding and students about to graduate, but they did not hurry to go to work, the civil service exam or apply to study abroad, but all day shopping.Of course, they are not wandering, but a destination to join the investigation to find the shop.They traveled across the city where shopping can be recorded where there is a snack bar which, back then query Which shop can join.But the results are not optimistic: they saw the shop did not join the law, such as Xiabu, frozen yogurt; despise did not join value.Once, Zhang red ink in the brush microblogging, see Hong Kong there is a salad bar wine – the main selling salad and wine from around the world in different species, both with the drink, super atmosphere!China has no such shop.Then we do NO.1!In the bar district is absolutely unique.Zhang red ink very happy, Ding Feng also think this is a good idea, it will immediately take action.Ding Feng and Zhang red ink for the house wine to the salad bar JustSalad start-up capital, the next step is the location problem.In two large stone alley No. 33 Cindy children and Nanluoguxiang Hutong two places hesitant, on second thought, given the JustSalad wine salad bar business model and finally settled on a relatively secluded large stone alley.After the alley rented a two-story house large stone, Ding Feng and Zhang red ink on the layout with enough thought.The first floor is the bar and sofa area, meet the basic appetites.The second floor is to attract people to stay a full day place: attic full of books, sat on the floor feeling as at home in general; relatively spaced sofa area, can provide 8?15 people with board games, talking, eating; flowers gathered in the roof of the night I could see the bell tower, the customer can sit here thinking, you can invite a group of friends together to barbecue, free leisure.Everything is ready, only a strong popularity, but how to popularity?JustSalad address some remote, propaganda faced some difficulties.Initially, four red ink Zhang sent a flyer, running the office, the result is not satisfactory, they finally found a place and we can become friends, the best way to become a regular customer – initiated a series of creative activities in the watercress, microblogging, let the fun like-minded people to participate in their dreams plans to eventually become a big fan of JustSalad, so drinks, traffic, popularity, it is not a problem profit.One week when you shop owner, many people have dreams, have rambled consider how to run a shop, but often because of money, time, risk and other problems can not gamble.If you give them a chance to shop early experience, will have a lot of people heart!Ding Feng and Zhang red ink originally proposed the plan, the shop is based on the process of their own personal experience.Because there is no experience, both in the decoration, procurement budget also quite a few detours, wasting a lot of money.Once, a friend came to JustSalad wine salad bar, chat I’ve been very envious of red ink Zhang shop life, and I want to save some money after opening a unique store.Zhang red ink Q: Do you take seriously your dreams yet?Do you have some questions ready to shop during the encounter it?Friend said: Why do not you let me be the owner to experience one week about it?This sentence inspired creativity red ink Zhang and Ding Feng, the two decided to settle down as a long-term plan, those who want to experience how to shop, business people to provide a platform.July 2013, a group of students had just finished college entrance examination to the store, when it requested a one week shopkeeper.People good things, after discussion, they quickly come up with different ideas from Monday to Sunday.Monday is the English Corner, please foreigners HAPPY friends together, while also charging.Each lesson the teacher will prepare a topic for discussion, from discussion with the grammar, and provide handouts to everyone back home to practice after class can also discuss the micro letter the group, Q & A.After Tuesday by owners baking small classes, on Wednesday organized a small band playing and singing will open Thursday barbecue on the roof, looking down together Friday night ghost seven days, a colorful program, not only JustSalad won a lot of popularity, the end of the group of students in activities also took out a small commission bonus, more importantly, he made many new friends.When leaving, they have expressed great satisfaction on the shop experience, and agreed together to open a real store after college.Of course, not all to experience the owner can make money.There is a white-collar work in the IT company has always wanted to resign business, you heard JustSalad launched one week when the owner of the activity, immediately came to enroll.In order to attract more popular, he launched in the bar area one yuan seat on the activities of the office, which attracts a lot of IT business colleagues, we have a lot of fun, but the rent was not being paid.The burn experience also made him understand: a lot of things are not as imagined so charming, do their own thing is most important.And he wants the general’s soldiers need to practice a longer period of time.Students in skills exchange Thereafter, JustSalad launch of baking cakes very popular class, although entry per person to pay 100 yuan material cost, but customers just keep on coming appointment, week in and week almost full.Red ink Zhang thought, it seems we have to learn the skills ah strong demand!Then the guests is not there a lot of stunt master?JustSalad can provide them with a skill exchange, the stage show style.August 2013, specialty health plan was officially launched.Line, there are special QQ group communication and registration, the exchange of skills from time to time under the wire, each issue will have a theme, by a member of His areas of expertise to share for everyone, but we can also discuss the free exchange.During the 2013 National Day, Lee stall stall trip came JustSalad, to share memories of her stall exclusive travel and bring her own making clothes for your appreciation, while demonstrating the mysterious juggling skills –POI.That day, customers come to listen to the second floor of the crowded sofa area, the waiter simply do not go in, customers can also take your own drinks down.”Thai” movie aggressively when the red ink Zhang and Ding Fenggang travel back from Thailand.So they simply personally stood to share knowledge in Thailand all the way to Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, where three main line, to tell you about a wonderful central northern Thailand.There are many customers also plans to travel to Thailand, they are full of curiosity, Advisory also particularly large, red ink Zhang and Ding Feng was surrounded, full excitedly explained more than two hours before the end of.Skills exchange will have a very profound topic.As January 25, 2014, it was Saturday, JustSalad invited the accounting professional Dr. Gao Xiaoli, for those who want to start business with friends, control the global supply chain, logistics and learning practical operation skills, intelligence analysis of the logistics supply chain and establish accounts, management accounts, audit practical tips.That lecture scene, no doubt also bursting with staff.Students in different fields have been invited to JustSala, there is talk about real estate, there is talk of marriage law, there is talk of classical philosophy, there is talk about how a movie is produced.Of course, guests also attracted a wide variety, all in a month, can always find a topic of interest to.So, in addition to talented students enjoy the applause concern, what benefits it?Ding Feng and Zhang red ink very thoughtful.They launched the Students in further education system, talented students will be divided into kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, college, graduate, doctoral seven year system, talented students to participate in two events per liter level, to carry out an expertise of each lecture up a level.Students in different levels of consumption in JustSalad wine salad bar, respectively, will enjoy 9.8-fold, 9.5 fold, 9 fold, 8.8 fold, 8.5 fold, 20% discount.However, to obtain the most important is never material but spiritual satisfaction, every talented students here find more like-minded friends.Now, the red ink Zhang and Ding Feng had more creative.From the viewing will be playing and singing, birthday party contractors from girlfriends to help, JustSalad regularly have one or two exclusive features activities to attract fans to come to share, exchange and consumption.JustSala wine salad bar has reached the million profit per month, completely become a dream of building a successful on stage.