Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Area in the first quarter began to focus on a number of important projects

Set in Qianhai industrial park planning design Zhongxin reported that Guangxi Temple Moon Bay Road, the main line interchange overpass project is expected to be completed in March 2019。 It will be built quickly open up a new channel, enabling the sea to arrive 30 minutes before the Futian Central District; China headquarters project Xinyi Xinyi Group (Glass) Co., Ltd. established, will lead the glass industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises stationed in the former sea; Huaqiang Qianhai project Huaqiang Group's international headquarters, supply chain development, new energy, science and technology industry, introduced more than 10 new industries and financial services company, registered capital will exceed 10 billion yuan。
  China venture capital building for the Chinese state-owned venture capital fund ABP, the fund as a national fund for the central enterprises, the central enterprises mainly for technological innovation, industrial upgrading, the scale is expected to raise about 200 billion yuan。
The project also plans to introduce a property insurance company headquarters, finance, insurance and other industries to import an important role in attracting。
  Set to start the project before the sea-front (a), with a total investment of about 7.6 billion yuan, is expected to be fully completed and put into use in 2020, will be built into gathering innovation and vitality, green carbon, Intelligence, open sharing of ideas and other international advanced large-scale production integration of the city complex, sea-front new landmark, leading the Chinese and the global financial industry innovation and development of technology。   Qianhai T102-0262 parcel business apartments project will build serviced apartments with a sea front characteristics, the apartment will be self-sustaining for more than 10 years of rent not buy, can further develop and attract talent gathered sea front。
  After starfish Mawan Port Wharf will further upgrade and better service "along the way" Guangdong, Hong Kong and Grand Bay Area。 (Finish)。