After 80 my daughter at the helm, “Sunner” Fu Fenfang: between sense and sensibility

After all, as Articles 2010 Fortune list of 80 entrepreneurs selected by China, Fu Fenfang enviable.After graduation, at age 25, she inherited his father’s business – to Ren Shengnong development chairman, and the company successfully into the capital market Fufen Fang is undoubtedly the darling of God, after the girl was born with a very 80 the envy of all – youth, beauty, wisdom, wealth, career.After graduating from college in 2003, Fu Fenfang began to enter the family business, commercial talent burst on the scene.25 years old, she inherited his father Fu, Guangming career – to Ren Shengnong Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd., will Sunner Development Co., Ltd. successfully brought to the capital markets, become so rich second generation social profile of women entrepreneurs.Fu, Guangming talent is beginning to bear my daughter, it’s a fact, I do not deny the fact that there can be no father I am today, I mark with his proud.My father has always been my strong backing, but one thing, his father will not easily be hit hard cause a person to have no play, even though I was his daughter in April 2003, Fu Fenfang not yet graduated, his father Fu bright handed her a big task – in charge of a project to build three-star hotel.This is a real sense of the decentralization: from project design, land approval, construction management, capital allocation and future of the hotel operation and management, by Fu Fenfang solely responsible for.In addition to his daughter Fu, Guangming $ 10 million budget, the other are no longer involved.Two months later, graduated from the school of Fufen Fang was appointed Group Vice Chairman, since she dove into this task.At that time, regardless of whether the father of a totally attitude inspired Fu Fenfang desire to challenge themselves.Fearless, Fu Fenfang dry riveting enough effort, it has to be determined to give a satisfactory answer father.At that time the original design drawings undesirable units, while three-star hotel in the county without approval authority.Everything has to start from scratch.So, I hold piles of material to the city to run the relevant departments, at the beginning a lot of people look at me with strange eyes, as if in doubt, you can do a little girl you got the main?I later learned was the daughter of Fu, Guangming, a lot of things would be much easier.Fufen Fang said that personally choose to run all aspects of the project approval is to be familiar with how to run a company.And this was his own innocent face really hard to her together with the overall responsibility for tens of millions of items.In 2005, Holiday Inn Sunner completed on schedule, much higher standard than the original plan, and the project investment is also Fufen Fang boldly added from 10 million yuan to 26 million yuan, this is not an additional blind.To achieve the three-star standard, put a lot of aspects must be one step.Fu Fenfang total could get his father to sell convincing reason.Not only that, she also introduced a large number of further hotel management personnel, and to develop a more comprehensive system of Science in Hospitality Management System.After the hotel was built on very smoothly through a three-star rating.Hotel operators in order, opened less than three months, had begun to profit.This is known as Fu, Guangming business miracle WINNER, all this so had to hold the deficit on the deficit, to let his daughter to practice a combat mentality surprise.Sunner Holiday Inn successful operation of the project showing off Fu Fenfang business talent, so his father would put more of the responsibility on her shoulders.Airborne battlefield in 2007, Fu Fenfang once again accept the tricky task – is responsible for the management of food Sunner.Then Sunner food an executive exodus own company, the company took a large number of sales personnel, technical personnel.This company used by all business executives responsible father and I have not been involved in the actual operation, the father at this time does not give me too much advice.Fufen Fang described the prevailing difficult situation.At that time many have to be reimbursed under the name of signing, tentatively This little good in the end bully boss.I just buried their heads to sign, was unable to identify this expenditure should or should not.Fu Fenfang smile.However, the key moment Fufen Fang still showed extraordinary courage.As food companies are faced with a terminal channels, the customer is highly competitive, executives took away a large number of customers, the company’s operations in jeopardy.At this most critical unrest, for which Fufen Fang adopted a series of measures, positive public relations on the one hand, hold some large super-channels, while the development of wholesale markets.Although the wholesale margin is very low, but you can let the company settle down, maintain the normal operation.On the other hand, by virtue of their sincerity Fufen Fang also retain some of the technology R & D personnel.In this way, Sunner food under the new boss looks a tender of care, restored a vitality, performance of the company year after year, even in 2008, soaring prices of raw materials situation, but also to maintain growth momentum.In a time of combat training, the Fu Fenfang being able to grow into a mature young entrepreneurs, she began to lead the company toward diversification, according to the needs of agricultural development St., has introduced initiatives to enhance their overall competitiveness.Talking about the results, Fufen Fang said, everything is father to encourage timely results.She told reporters: Father never be forced to do what I must, first of all in his eyes I was a girl, he always step by step to increase my weight.When I most needed support, he enlighten me and support me.When asked about her current achievements in his father’s eyes attainable how much time-sharing, Fu Fenfang is mischievous smile: it should be seven or eight very!Inheritance and innovation as his successor, the need for continuous learning and innovation.Fu Fenfang attaches great importance to learning, in 2005, Sunner Industrial Group was once intended as a whole and to a consortium.During that time, Fu Fenfang daily contact with a large amount of information on the functioning of capital.The concept of capital and the accumulation of knowledge is then formed.It is in continuous learning and practice, Fu Fenfang further grow up.October 22, 2009, Fujian Sunner Development successfully listed, Fufen Fang became Group Chairman, directly holds 539 St. agricultural development.947 million shares, accounting for 1.46%.In addition, as the controlling shareholder, Sunner Sunner Development Co., holds 23479.366 million shares, accounting for 63.63% Fufen Fang holds Sunner Industry 12.5% stake, which Fu Fenfang indirectly held by Sunner Industry 2934.92 million shares of St. agricultural development.The two together have Fufen Fang 3474 St. agricultural development.867 million shares, according to the current market value, almost equal to the net worth of one billion yuan Fu Fenfang.Entrepreneurship is not easy, setting more difficult.As entrepreneurs, and no less than the pressure bearing entrepreneurs.Fu Fenfang know that his father is the entrepreneur, the need for business, he needs to pay attention to personal charm.And they are entrepreneurs, but also need to focus on the team’s strength, but also to pay attention to scientific work.Strengthen the construction team and construction management system has become in recent years to focus the work of Fu Fenfang.In order to sort out the financial management system, with her all night long with employees working overtime to find, analyze mistakes, by effectively understand and improve the financial management system.She believes that building a team is critical, she needed to know the staff, for staff to design appropriate treatment as one of their job content.A strong sense of time is one of Fu Fenfang working style.Beginning of each month, Fu Fenfang secretary will make their trip a month, schedule time to do it himself strictly in accordance with the timetable, agreed to do the things in the allotted time.This ensures that this time no one bothered.Fu Fenfang seriously, even their own most intimate friends should respect the principle of her.Fufen Fang said the father particularly busy, always suffer from a variety of complicated transactions can not withdraw.Visit, reporting a dial-up wave of people, sometimes a thing is not resolved, one thing again, often disturbed several problems in dealing with a problem.So, I especially distressed him, but do not want to be in that situation.So, I gave myself the established rules, and strictly obey.A lot of people are not used to start, I think ‘airs’, but over time they all understand.Fufen Fang said that this also shows the importance of the establishment of a standardized management system.A system to perform any of the parties to a start will encounter resistance when compliance system become a habit, the rules on the formation of.Fu Fenfang unique style of doing things is also reflected in the allocation of employee benefits.When the boss of his own preferences are easy to evaluate an employee.Obviously, such as the lack of rationality, it will result in unfair treatment on.I pay more attention to the institutionalization of management, according to Kong to pay, to measure the value of employees based on assessment, tailor-made to staff development plan.Sensible rich daughter as a business founder’s daughter, the father hit the wealth of extremely wealthy enough to have lived on Fu Fenfang.In this regard, Fu Fenfang made no secret of her superior, she jokes that he is a child of the most impressive pocket money more than others.Valuable is, live in villas, wore designer clothes, take a car and did not let the girl addicted to pleasure, she demonstrated in studies in hard as any motivated student.Ability to accept, academic excellence is a lot of teacher taught Fu Fenfang impression of her.Fu Fenfang does not deny that he’s sensible with his father’s words and deeds closely.I felt particularly busy father a child, no more time to play with, but after school holidays, my father liked to bring his side.In order to be able to fight for the opportunity to live together with his father, I will behave especially well-behaved, always acting as his father’s assistant to do whatever thing ran back.He gave the staff a meeting, I sat quietly a sit we speak, he and his client were able to negotiate, and I listened Sidongfeidong.Fufen Fang said, after high school, she felt that the opportunity to stay with the father’s side seems more and more.Today, Fu Fenfang more convinced that this is the father of her conscious culture.She admitted, foster father of this behavior in her subtle indeed come into force.Basically, I realized that my father’s painstakingly high school should not only take me out of some business situations, and my education have also been planned – suggested that I apply for Agricultural Economics and Management of Agriculture and Forestry University.Fu Fenfang father learned to calm, competent style of doing things in constant contact with his father while she gained a deeper understanding of the father and his career.Infected by his father, Fu Fenfang started to show great passion for the family business.Father decades are to work for the music, to the cause for the music, he loves this business from the bottom of my heart, he is my most admired man.He set this chicken farming is the first production model, and reached the international advanced level in food safety control, which on the whole farming industry is contributing.This contribution is beyond the ordinary ‘make money’ meaning.Fufen Fang said, which further strengthened her determination to love this career.Speaking of which, just talking and Fufen Fang also immediately remember with a kind of solemn look.Between rational and emotional work occupies most of the time.Fortunately, my work schedule is very scientific, in the air when working, I had my time.Then I’ll circle around on a bunch of friends to play golf, travel, shopping.Into Fu Fenfang arranged in Fuzhou Sunner food company’s office, personalized with a little more feminine styles, less than 20 square meters and her identity 1 billion net worth slightly more contrast.Sunner current food situation has not yet reached to rent a large area, renovation of office to my personal style.Fufen Fang said the company earned millions, out of one hundred thousand to rent office space can also understand, businesses earn one million, one hundred thousand to take it is unreasonable to rent office space.This involves corporate management, should be consistent with the enterprise’s operating performance.This is part of a business’s money, not of my own money.Fufen Fang said, most of my life is busy, but fortunately a reasonable time so that her occasional opportunity to relax.Working air when a group of friends and I will go to Hong Kong shopping, playing golf.She was very excited to play in front of reporters just show yourself back to Hong Kong Amoy shirt, she told reporters, decent waist, simple design, unique details have become an important factor in her being phase.Cars, watches, bags have to be famous, this is the ‘scene’ needs.Besides, I do not always emphasize the brand name, has a unique style prefer something.For example, my necklace is custom-made in Hong Kong, have my name on it, unique.Talking about personal consumption concept, Fu Fenfang joking, who always bought at the airport before traveling on aircraft girl on piles of fashion magazines, and his words reveal all the girls of this age nature: if you fashion magazine reporter, I will have more topics to talk with you.To recommend the latest information sauna