Spring stir-fried dishes recipes stir broth practice

Sometimes spring will be no appetite, so to point the exact cooking mind, especially some stir-fried dishes, color, flavor and taste, then on to learn some of the practices it stir-fried dishes。 Stir broth ingredients: broth cleaning: flour, salt, vinegar, ginger, garlic, cooking wine Ingredients: ginger, garlic, onion, green pepper, red pepper, onion seasoning: salt, sugar, chicken powder, soy sauce Preparation 1, with first scissors cut broth; stir-fry dishes spring recipes stir broth approach 2, into the flour, while kneading; 3, together with salt, rub continue; then rinse; 4, then poured rub vinegar, At this time the broth Feiyou inside it are almost clean; 5, pot boil, add ginger and garlic wine, broth to boil about 10 minutes into; 6, remove and cut into small pieces, spare; then the ingredients We are chopped; 1 practice, hot oil pot, saute first ingredient; 2, into the broth stir, transferred to salt, sugar, chicken powder, soy sauce; sprinkle green onion Finally, to。 Sweet sauce stir-fried meat Ingredients: peeled pork, green pepper, garlic and stir-fry dishes recipes stir-fried spring practice broth ingredients: sweet sauce, Pi bean paste, ginger, rice wine, soy sauce practice 1.Prepare materials: pork, sweet sauce, bean paste, green peppers, garlic 2.Peeled and cut into 3 cm thick sheet standby.Wash peppers diced 4.Finely chopped ginger, chopped fine to 5 Pixian.Advance on the oil pan shabu to anti-sticking pan, cooking oil slightly larger than the average number of burning Liucheng hot under the meat and stir-fry for half a minute over medium heat 6.The meat pushed to the edge of the pan, leaving a small fire base oil, into the Pixian stir-fry for half a minute or so to the aroma, put a little sweet sauce, put ginger, rice wine, open the fire, let the meat sauce and stir together half a minute 7 to tasty.The green pepper and garlic into 8 blocks.Transferred to a little soy sauce, the fire pan fry for 15 seconds。