Courier brought cherries in the morning, as if eager to fresh fruit sent, to hurry, then quickly turned to fear the best time to delay the cherries being eaten, I eat for fear of delay interest like.In fact, I do not want to taste the taste, I do not think my destiny was something need to be sent by express way.    I have to say, these cherries deviation in concept to me, it is very strange to secretly induced some of my negative feelings have been stored in the body, firmly fixed in the bones of cherry red, well!In fact, it is published on the skeleton and read to worry wire.Can not imagine what is expressed by an entirely alien concept and its specific facts, I can only say: “I am full content of this concept within the cherries ignorant, you raised the term ‘cherries’ there is no real weight “.    I had to taste ah!Otherwise, if you ask me how this cherry, I really do not know how to answer, not really explain why.Ok!Sweet says it?Have so little, but also a little slightly sour.I’m just based on my taste, the contrast or is my memory the impression of “acid” and “sweet” two kinds of taste as to make the mark.By taste dictionary of marks, I tasted the taste of the traditional bottom latent, soul taste it in the face of fate caught off guard when I sent the taste, timely delivery of reference of this world, that I need to keep it for my taste Template.For example: the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, etc. upon arrival, as the taste of reference spontaneously poured out, so I went after them taste still retained a complete I.    Imagine a person can identify no taste taste it?Such as: cherries or cherries, what taste it?Imagine this object is nothing more than the others also have the same taste with their own, have experienced similarity.Delicious it?”Delicious taste” all of a sudden loneliness occupy huge space inside, which does not need to start the taste recognition system impression.Forget, no one can taste just started heart prejudices strike!    From the shape, color side, big, maroon stature and revealed a slow crazy state, if the local contrast to the normal cherry, the bulky portion which is to hold state and the slow crazy.So, show me down to preference and stingy, and like to be “used” against kind, but I think since the body has a large vanity, sharp as possible to accommodate, houses, accommodate no, hold me for cherries child form, color or feel this feeling of evidence to the contrary of cherries.Ok!I admit, I prefer the small size of the local cherries and bright red alone, with confidence: I am the red.Instead, cherry color of melancholy that I do not like, it pulls the dark void of brightness, for some of the void “with” interpretation.    Texture of speaking, to be exact taste, slightly a little rough, especially the skin, hair cotton.Fresh to tightly wrapped, as if to bring knife to cut it in order to get fresh taste, anxious and in stark contrast to the courier.When I tasted “cherries” “cherries” hiding something kind, as “cherries” word, some rough and hard to pronounce, such as chewing a concept of modern science and technology noun or avant-garde.    We feel in eating outside a noun, a bit strange, although not with “foreign” at the beginning of the word, but more exotic than the beginning of the “foreign” character look stylish, because now the “foreign” is outdated, it is a rustic.The more familiar terms of the concept, the more the title, like fashion, this lack of fashion at the rapid expansion of our civilization it off, and unknowingly distorting our civilization.    Do not like cherries, I like cherry red, with a time of memories from afar.    Note 2016.Fives.thirty