Cherished article

Part one: cherish fall, smashing, splashing.This short eaves of crushing the clear sound, slid a few world learned of concentration?He slid a teenage dry-wing, slid a miss several rounds of?  This rain clear sound Oh, how I wish you a word of thanks Road!Is you, let me understand the deep thoughts of home ah!  Once, sprinkle pass-through, wanted to put aside, put aside the hometown of the Department of hanging; they want to break, but then the home of wandering off!Finally, clear sound as treasured it, realize a profound yet simple truth – no matter ends of the earth, the heart is always filled with nostalgia!I was not always thrown open, not off!  Rain fall from my fingers, gently heard clear sound, I realized that there is a line, the Department has been in my heart, I will always continue to break, break up, I was shameful and stupid!After their homes, wandering in off-site shuttle in brilliant neon in other places, but hurried pace, forget their roots, even winning all, old age and then look back, will find that lost roots, broken home complex, all will have nothing!  Learn to live in this archive heard clear sound, began to learn constantly in mind during playback, clear sound that bit of land and birth, open Yanai hit of the moment, and gradually open an attachment to hit home, affectionate home!  Rain curtain, the clear sound, I can always cross the world’s most remote distance opened between me and home, I can always find the home that thick scent of red soil.Looking back – the home of mountain water, plants and trees have been dissolved into my flesh and soul.See a dry well, I feel that it had knowledge of it daily, it felt exactly like home well; hit a wall moss, will miss the native land; heard a dialect, what should one think of home that familiar face.Come with a clear sound, I saw a Immigration Department, there is a mossy, do Jiyu dumping destroyed the old house, there was a doddering, old trees wound with vines, but cherish, I define it as “the soul heaven”!  Come with a clear sound, I heard a classic “how long the road, get out of longing for home; how wide the heart, there will always be filled with nostalgia!”Rain poured in torrents, I heard the sound clear sound Ling-day bloom, rain curtain down, my tears, smiled again collection!After all, where there is a need, but also worthy of deep fondly cherish the life of flesh and blood!    Part II: cherish life at 3:46 on December 31, 2010, the heart of a person fighting ended fighting.After a struggle with the disease and the fate of nearly ten years during the famous writer Mr. Shi Tiesheng has completed fifty-nine years of bumpy road of life.In the New Year’s celebration time universally, such bad news, especially regrettable, sad and thoughtful.  I always think, Mr. Shi is one of the few writers of our time, the courage to take social responsibility, is one of the most admired contemporary Chinese writers.It can be said, his writing and his life already fully integrated, as the famous saying: “Shi Tiesheng with a crippled body, to say the most robust and full of ideas.”Yes, the ‘career is sick, amateur writing’ the fate of those who fight, the experience of life is suffering, but it is the expression of inner joy and clear.And this, is it not cherish for life?  In that touched countless people’s prose, “I and the altar,” where did he die of such profound sentiment: “Death does not have to be an anxious thing, death is bound to come to a festival.”And that” death is a.No matter how the delay will not miss a thing.”The problem of death is resolved, the next step is how life.Chuang Tzu has free and easy like the death of Mr. Shi Tiesheng, it is in a very valued and therefore become more tenacious attitude towards life, fighting fate.And this, how can it not admirable and inspiring?This is a network sauna burst in misery soothing, it is to give people the true meaning of life eternal power.If you want this life without regret, Invitation to cherish life.Cherish life, not afraid to die, sell your soul, defected from pollution, but the attitude of a holy life.How many people with lofty ideals refused to write a confession after his arrest, but wrote an impassioned battle song of life.  If cherish life, please reverence for life.Life is the essence of the universe, is a valuable presence, it is a short trip.Every life is God’s messenger, there exist value.So to mind love, awe, not arbitrarily trampled.To people that, in the matter versa.Master Hong Yi passed away before, told his disciples to his body when loading niches, niches of each of the four foot pads a bowl, a bowl filled with water in order to avoid insects climb after the body was burned at the cremation.Toru its deep compassion and reverence for life touching.  If cherish life, please Thanksgiving life.Know Thanksgiving is a basic life, it is one of mankind’s most beautiful, the greatest feelings, but also the success of the original power.A person, no matter what situation we are, have to live sober, positive, we must live with ambition, a man of character.Poor people can be poor substance, enjoy the poor, but not poor mental, emotional poverty Sound of Music.  If cherish life, please grasp life.For those unexpected setbacks, can not avoid suffering, with whom we complain about the unfairness of fate, others snobbish, cruel reality, it is better to learn to accept.To change the destiny, please accept the fate.When you rise up, time is ticking; you sink when the passage of time also; you perseverance, courage, when the time will not stop; you suffered a crushing defeat, complaining when the time still fast forward.Then you’ll sink or to rise?Is to be brought to its knees still have to pick up the pieces?Chic beam can not dance with a beautiful course on the big stage of life, but with shackles shackles still dancing out their own style, but the very people who can and.Guidelines can be fearless when there is a bright line in front of people, of course, it is admirable; but to explore the bright hope in the darkness of despair in people, is the real warrior.They are valuable, that tenacity of life is to grasp the remaining years of!  If cherish life, to enrich your life.Human life only once, what should I spend?Easy wasted time, squandered Youth, Yingyinggougou easily, but hard to live positively enrich.Throughout many people through the ages, is not a lack of intelligence, but in the end it s wisdom wrong, he died at the starting point of life.So, a person, to have fear of criticism and even slander, attack of courage, there must be afraid of hardship toughness.The most difficult time to see hope, most helpless to think adhere to the direction toward justice, light and warmth of Endeavor, will be limited life into serving the people, for the benefit of society, the trend of the times, the realization and full of life sublimation.  I think that can do this, when life was about to close, we can say that I have always cherished my life, and had no regrets in life.