Cherish what you have at the moment

Looking out the window, that one leaves to fall slowly, the end of life, or the beginning of life, I do not understand.But I only think of the phrase “into Chunni more quadrangle”, a leaf could be so great, I ask myself a bit, whether a person should do so?My thoughts at this time have been into the distance.Life, this is a serious topic, but it is a problem but avoided.In the long course of years, leaving traces of life pitiful.Living life, face time is not much to see the world, how to find the point of innocence in the journey of life, and how to position themselves in order to get yourself in just a meaningful life in it? The face of this product range, materialistic world, we should have our own unique insights, in order not to make their own crowd, in order not to lose its way, to live in one’s life meaningful.Only cherish the present time, a good grasp of today, tomorrow can be based on.There should be a self-motivated, not mediocrity, not vulgar in this society.When you are dying, you go back and think about everything before you, and you will be filled with emotion, think of their own before all things, good or bad.Make sure that they do not regret every minute of the good life, cherish the present time, to pursue their own ideals. Seasons, alternating seasons.Such a life is spent in four seasons, so it must be rough road, definitely there countless rugged mountain to yourself to tread, but in any case, you should be prepared to accept the baptism of God, only so as to let you become mature, more thoughtful, more connotations.For their own ideals and fell many times is worth it, after all, when your pale hair, you will look at your life, there are some glorious point, also shine through the bits and pieces, then you will not repented. Cherish bit by bit.Flowers, you have to learn to enjoy spring cherish (read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) flowers and, you have to learn to feel the summer, treasure yellow flowers, and you have to learn to perceive the fall, cherish the flowers fade, you have to learn to experience the winter, know how to cherish.At the moment, I suddenly thought of a picture, the sky leaves in the air flying, it is a magnificent moment, I see something more meaningful than a death, and that is the power of students.I cherish the front of all, gratitude and know how to return. A sudden gust of wind blowing, my thoughts brought back.At the moment I have a lot of clear, heart like a mirror almost a sense of heart, his mouth silently —— 且行且珍惜