Artificial Intelligence industry in the rapid development of the scale of 2020 will break the 1600 one hundred million

The world's first voice interactive service robots reporters Wulan She reporter 22 from "2018 China IT Market Annual Conference" scene was informed that Artificial Intelligence 2017 Annual Chinese core industrial scale over 70 billion yuan, with the introduction of national planning, local artificial intelligence related construction will start gradually, by 2020, China artificial intelligence core industry will more than 160 billion yuan, growth rate%。   According to Deputy Minister of Industry and Xin Guobin said that in 2017 the Ministry identified a total of 202 new standardization and intelligent manufacturing integrated mode applications, intelligent manufacturing 97 pilot and demonstration projects, completed 25 intelligent manufacturing standards project。 Under the leadership of the demonstration project, a large number of enterprises to actively promote the transformation and upgrading intelligence, service-oriented manufacturing, share new model of economic and other growing popularity, the formation of many new growth point。   At the meeting CCID Consulting grand release "2018 Top Ten eye industry" and "2018 Top Ten eye project"。   Report that the ROI analysis from the industry, the rapid development in the field of smart security, intelligent driving, etc. will stimulate demand for computer vision analysis products, making the field of computer vision investment value; and the level of software integration with the Chinese people's living standard improved, providing education, health care, entertainment and other specialized services of intelligent service robots and unmanned devices have investment value。   From the point of view of industrial evolution, the technology giant to accelerate the global mergers and acquisitions, creating a closed-loop ecological AI。 China will become the wave of the open-source operating system to compete for the main battlefield of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence applications while China will usher in a breakthrough in the field of service robots。 In this regard, Neusoft Group Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Chenxi Min said, "to the era of intelligent, want things moving forward, first of all needs to be done is to accelerate the integration of information technology and the depth of the industry, because we all know to do the first is the basic foundation of artificial intelligence of big data, the data comes from, data ownership, usage rights how can open, the only way artificial intelligence ecosystem before it can use。 "The industry experts, the challenges facing the future of artificial intelligence, there are three main aspects。 The first is how to better synergy together to form a good development of eco-AI。
Followed by the establishment of uniform standards, norms of behavior everyone。 Eventually to industrial applications, depth of industry integration, which is the ultimate goal of artificial intelligence。
  "The future of artificial intelligence to industry standardization and simplification, some standards out, this industry will form a bigger breakthrough。
In addition, laws and regulations, the development process of the development of artificial intelligence challenges, the industry is also facing。 Take unmanned vehicles, automatic driving this link, has been involved in the laws and regulations。 Once the laws and regulations to keep up, landing artificial intelligence will be more rapid。
"Jinshan Yun, senior vice president, partner Liang Shou star admits。
Reporter clock source in Beijing。