Cherish the prose of life

Part one: cherish life who want to explore a law on the writer’s life, but I soon discovered that life and other people is no different writers, but no specific.Life incompetent persons, such as Lu Xun, Lu Yao, Zhou Keqin, Shi Tiesheng, but left six years old; the oldest longevity persons, such as Ba Jin, Bing Xin, Zang, lived about a hundred years old.  For more than a writer, I think, their life expectancy difference is too great.I thought: If Lu Xun live a hundred years, if not live a hundred years, even if it is alive to the new China was founded, then he left the spiritual wealth is how much our society ah.  However, Lu Xun innate lack of exercise, and perhaps no time for exercise, he gives the impression that, in addition to being a writer is a professor, his article also mentioned frequently rickshaw.It appears that Lu Xun is often in cars of.Lack of exercise would have been no, they Ba Jin and Bing Xin, the article said they did not crazy about sports.However, Lu Xun and Lu Yao in addition to lack of exercise, there is a great hobby – smoking.As Shi Tiesheng, it was because people in wheelchairs, coupled with cardiovascular disease, so go early; As Zhou Keqin smoke do not smoke I do not know, but I know he is selflessly devote themselves to creation of man, with little time activity.Therefore, the basic can draw a pattern: all like to smoke people and lack of exercise per capita can not live longer, even worse writer.  Some people do not agree with this view, saying that Mao is also a hero to smoke, but lived for eighty years old.So I would say, if Mao does not smoke, he must be able to live nonagenarian.Although not smoke Zhu De lived ninety, but such examples, after all, too thin, there is no convincing.But if I live in the more than two dozen examples of positive and negative to say it, people might be wary of the harm smoking.For everyone on the writer, society has his own view, there is envy, boast a few words, there is jealousy, it is an understatement to writers, even some not respect.However, as long as fair, objective view of the writer, should come to a conclusion, the writer Lu Xun and often said the same – to eat grass, squeezed out the milk.Good writer natural Needless to say, such as Sima Qian, Li Bai, Du Fu, such as Xin, Li Qingzhao, Jiang Kui, Xianzu, writers, etc., etc., leaving much work for our nation and future generations, however, they are nothing but a day is three meals a day, but also a living, although feudal society often has a rich wine and meat smell of the phenomenon, but almost missed writer.Du Fu cottage is seeking but could not, Tao Yuanming also altogether Gonggeng mountain.So, in general, the vast majority of writers contribute faction figures.As only the works of the so-called writers write rubbish, they can not be considered true writer.So to say, almost all the writers really have a greater contribution to mankind.In view of the writer’s contribution to the community, I have from the life of Lu Xun, inspired by writers such as Lu Yao, and some suggestions sincerely hope that the writers devote themselves to creation at the same time, we must cherish life, cherish the least healthy.In order to have a more long creative life, should exercise appropriate: a run, swim, playing baseball.Anyway, all kinds of sports, what they need, the purpose is to like Ba Jin and Bing Xin, like, live longer, some longer, and must not be abandoned in order to create the body, but can not change the cost of sacrificing the body works well.  Things too hard, cherish life, cherish the body, the writers of the long-term solution.    Part II: cherish life of each life Heaven exactly will be long?I think you’re immortal world it is difficult to have conclusive, only God really knows your life competing research will be long, but he will not easily tell you, because God did not want mankind to despair earlier, when when you have a premonition that desperate to go, your life will be recovered to the call of God, so to say, human life is short, he is just a reincarnation process fills come — gone, he so simple, we put the whole process of life compared to the nature of wind generation, both the spring breeze blowing, another autumn passing, passing wind will not return, but did not stop more space, this; is life.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) wind; blow from spring green earth, and from the sweltering summer Jiao Yang blown cold autumn, from the vast sea of green boat, to have yellow leaves floating in the back and felt the moment was at a loss, sunset is magnificent, it is almost dusk, when people have a deeper taste, in fact, God has frequently waving to us at the end of the evening, God commanded ear to persuade us, return it, you toss in the world with almost through, you want to get What gave you the opportunity to get, you did not go to fight, leaving so many regrets what, life is nothing original, put your soul back that sooner or later, return to life when you can not go with anything, but everyone do not understand, we are hiding the blame God damn, why you would ever desire to leave the world it also?  People live a quality, which is an Kazamaki contemporary hit the heat, I was duty-bound, keen to join into the ranks of the rich philosophy of life, Fortune Liu Jian said the master of good hand; wake up early in the morning, opened his dim eyes, stretch out, put aside the curtain, ha ha; out of the window and sunny day, you enjoy’ve been good this day for it, you can guarantee that tomorrow morning you open your eyes dreams?.  He said the master was very insightful, not the length of life, and quality of life are the most critical, poor Ye Hao, rich or a day of optimism to truly reflect the quality of life to survive, to live out the self, smile often, blessing Yun unsolicited, ha ha Lele people alive, God saw that he was not also want to share the fun with humans do?Because God gave us this time of life, there is no second time, he hopes to cherish human life this limited time.    Part three: life experience, cherish life meteor across the sky, with the long river following a progressive.  Look endless cloud of dust, endless river tour.Juyi Peng water, verdant taste of life; pick up a pebble, context massage time.Autumn leaf roll know the world, jackdaws crossing a snow dance.  Insights from the rolling life help float, bleeding from a vein in a network, hidden in the fine.The river of life reflected a needle-like leaves drifting snow, the slightest change color with the banks on the side forward gradually, until the ripples swing out bits and pieces, engulfed sight.The drain, bright life engraved with the traces of history, stirring the bright pearl collections.  When you see people of faith alive, mostly in order to get praise, people get more recognition; if you find that you assume the role of high and low timeshare, you want to be happy, courageous, self-Jane, but not because of low occupation light up themselves, and not because of a slight disappointments and self-esteem abandon myself, not the life for some small episode occurring in the bleak life.  You have to cherish cherish eyes healthy and treat your life, you should use their enthusiasm to maintenance, watering the flower of his life.Your faith must first own comfort, not because of the small disappointments in life and in private life distorted brilliant, but can not give up the pulse of life.  Life is not bitter alcohol honey, tired of the fun, not to see the flower embroidery, the fog can not see the flowers, the game of life; life is made of iron to steel forging process, life is a glorious sail towards life; life needs such as high-road days, wise as clouds.  Life is a thing of the past, is short, and it is beautiful, just like the popular thing, like, red and white pole, not to be optimistic, but the red after a while, they were optimistic about.Life is like this, when you have, you do not have a.  You look at life, cherish life’s journey, you will find that when life is life to the extreme, often exhibit some of the calm beauty of the Pro troubled times and not panic, not impatient at the Ark, celebrate wanes , windy dark clouds; you will be more aware, only holding the heart of a normal ordinary people, to look at life, to cherish life, life will be more meaningful.  Life is good, when one lives attachment another life, each other and go hand in hand, the world will feel really good, the sky is so blue, the earth is so pure;’ll understand in this world, we have how lonely the castaways, will need to be grateful to know in this world, you will feel that life is so precious.  Sometimes I think life always go very tired, you need to select the fork before the move, heading erected, every step, we need to adjust the pace to catch up with the forefront.Tired rest of the time, the string could not help but look back and see that the way of life of their footprints, a ratio with others, perhaps bend popular chatter, shallow popular acid, may be lost, or get angry with the slightest the disconsolate.  Life really needed interpretation, every effort needs to take each step, it needs careful scold, that way of life is the ultimate beauty, each flower has its own unique color, each star has its splendid light of each strand breeze will be sent to cool, every drop of nectar will moisten the wilderness, will leave immortal poem.  Life is a journey, if we can arrive in high spirits and the line, no matter how far off the road, are happy and interesting flavor of.  If you can appreciate the high spirits and the line is a kind of unrestrained delight of life, that is so fun and go embodies the bold, neat, courage to give up attitude to life, life skills exhibited the influence of economic body of great wisdom.  Life is short, impermanence, and no one can guarantee that they can live until tomorrow, so everyone should learn to cherish, learn to make full use of the value of life.  If one day, early in the morning, you suddenly think of Taishan top to see the sunrise, take a lot of layers along the stone steps, crisp fresh air and the birds have been enough to make you extremely comfortable, then you can do your footsteps come to a halt.Standing on the mountain to watch the sunrise is no less to show in front of you is not a bad idea is a beautiful landscape.You do not need to do too tired himself too far-fetched, you have to do is singing down, take a good leisurely down the road.  We are passing life, the distant sky, leaving no trace of flying marks, but take away the slight memory.When we stay in that moment of coincidence of pointers life, these micro memories will take us back to the moment of birth, sunset fog still cuddle with love.  On the front line in the history of life-vein, along the way picking up a leaf, left to recall the presence of the world will be clear and specific; life-time walk through the door, so the setting sun gives the memory key.That bundle of firewood memory so quietly lying on the ground, and so to extract life along the way to pick up the branches and leaves, quietly recalled sunset at your fingertips.  Pursue your dream, go where you want, do you want a man, because only one life, also had a chance to do what you want to do.  Feelings of life, cherish life, the Flower of Life in full bloom flowers never fade!    Part Four: cherish life life like a flower, can be brilliant, gorgeous may be dim, you can wither.  Shocked yesterday a colleague actually only 33 years old diagnosed with advanced lung, this is my third hospital workers diagnosed cancer patients in this month.3 fresh flower of life soon fades and withers, eventually will be turned into a wisp of smoke, how much more painful ah, how life is so fragile Oh.  Looked at him (her) eyes had that desire life, I suddenly realized how precious life is.Author Zhang Ge said: “what the world can be repeated: the years can be repeated year after year; season can be repeated seasons; may repeat the fate of three decades east west three years; wealth too, daughter cleared up again.Except life, gone forever, never reincarnation.”Indeed, throughout history, through the ancient, who see eternal life?Who see lives lost can be reproduced?Life can not cycle, the passage of life will not recur, we can only cherish life, cherish life.Also can appreciate: the work facing point lock broken, suffered perverting points, compared to life, what of?That makes us to hone in mature; setback encountered in daily life, accident withstand points, compared to life, then what?That makes us to be strong in the twists and turns.  The reason is simple, in fact it was not then know how to cherish life, term life like autumn leaves withered.  Some people suffer a little bruising setbacks, they weary suicide, it seems that only the dead is to get rid of frustration, the only way to get rid of combat, completely ignoring their loved ones will suffer painful blow parting; some people suffered rape, it took a death to wash the insult seeking relief, completely regardless of the bereaved family to face the painful.  They may have thought, to die, to them, although tragic, but not brave, brave should face the reality, to overcome difficulties, to forget the unfortunate, tenaciously alive.Because our life is not a personal, but belong to society, belonging to the family, even if it is no longer ordinary life, we have no right to choose to destroy.  Life can not be calculated by age, some people life is short, but like summer as bright; Wang Bo, Li He, Pushkin, Byron, etc., their life is so short, but their lives have been alive to this day, until forever.Maybe some people life is high, but did not mean to live, or even notoriety.Those who are healthy but take life as a trifling matter, is completely in violation of the life, a waste of life.  Some of them have all day long with the drug company, and set the expense of social responsibility, to seek happiness illusory, at any time risking HIV infection – this man has not overcome the risk of life killer, even as to directly offer life, wasted a golden life.Some person occupying a position, but not self-discipline, wanton loss of state property, is tantamount to take life as a trifling matter, once unmasked, only one death apology, come to end a notoriety, I squander life.  Cherish life, we only step by step, step by step take their own road to an inch of time, an inch of time to cherish life.    Part V: cherish life very sunny outside, reveals screens pink shine in, let the light shine bright in the heart, the heart is very warm.  Last night saw the “Waterloo Bridge”, for the first time so seriously finished, classic!After just look at the hearts skip a trace of regret and poignant.Wonderful love, because the war, because the social situation, creating a tragic love, but also created the essence of love.  There are too many good earth of wonderful things, but also time and situation can only nightmare blot everything ablation occasionally hoist chord memory, whether or not willing, happiness is not eternal, but the pain is not eternal of.So the heart will be relieved, as long as the hope is, it will become a reality in reality no longer just a single emotional, rational carry mature sections from the once pure turned into the price growth of feathers, to aspire Sky.  Life reveals a tension at the heart let burst plight, letting open heart in the face of danger, creating a strong heart, but out of more fortitude in the delicate appearance.Some people say that until you do not succeed, you can not talk about hardship, can not talk about self-esteem.Because everything seems to be just empty talk, only crossing to the height of life, it is more convincing to talk about notions of life, to talk about the past years, to talk about those days of painful.Perhaps this argument is right, because in not getting the expected value of life, life does not reach the required heights, talk that does not seem to bring more it, it would add more trouble worry, okay occasionally mention, If you only remember the day those maddening bit of life, how have the time and energy, business life now, and how to better develop future goals, and how to better grasp the reality that flash that light death of opportunity?  Forget the troubles, the intention to look to the future, the current every day life as the best day to live, will get more joy, makes heart by the current time in the more intangible wealth, and perhaps it is now and not well effectively turned into a beautiful Xia Yi show a bright day life now, but it still makes the heart see more bright light in the confusion, and that light is flashing, also guided surging belief in vivo open the door for future harvest.  There is hope alive, alive will be able to harvest.Just do not give life, the courage to face reality, it must be harvested in the journey of life.Whether it is love, regardless of the cause, regardless of wealth, they are able to light the torch of life, of hope and accumulate more value to life!