Cherish the good life

I have confidence, no regrets ideal tired.When efforts were missing from my life began to suspect.I hide in the shade never see the sun shining?Or am I on the desert, we have not seen the green life?    Do not!No!Everything is not a departure from me, selfless sprinkling sunlight Quartet, should I try to get out in the shade.Not the boundless desert, I need to pursue green.    I had thunder and lightning storm to grow, struggle in the rough mud.Always helpless resignation of the Foreign Affairs.Always disappointed lose their direction.Wind and rain, confused, always waves in my mind, I hate depressed students, also helpless clenched lips.When I saw dancing butterflies, wings spread its freedom, look at it and kiss the flowers, with sunlight bathed in blue under the sun followed the dream to fly boundless freedom.My tears flow in the heart and pieces of my life why so tasteless?Such bitter life, how can I go step by step?    A dead of night, I walk in the yard.Four weeks is very quiet, I only heard a slight imbalance in the beating of my heart.This night caught my reflection, my recollection of the traumatic past of the mind, heart pain such as Daojiao.I hate it makes me helpless life, and constantly shed tears, years of grievances, this moment to give full vent.Beginning to feel relaxed.    The next day, I began a new journey, I inadvertently see such words: “Do you think anyone happier than you, always says he is too tortuous.You see people are busy, but I do not know what he could do, always say get less, always said that pay more.How happy do not struggle parked on your side.”I never had Taichetaiwu now think efforts, it is because I only see the bitter past few years of life, always see the fate of Unfortunate.(Sanwen Chinese prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) I was wrong, wrong in my life never face the eye.Never feel the glory of life.    Years like water, diarrhea that is a go.Childhood memories is no longer the final shadowless.At the moment I have realized the hidden, the wasted years, and so not to happy moments, such as the sea boating life, I want to do unimpeded storm, the real face of life, feel the good life.    There spring plowing before people feel moist wine.Is resentment, hate, love, and challenge themselves will have a life of glory.    Meteor flash across the sky disappear.But it is to leave a good stargazing with fantasy, giving space also added a lot of glory.    Our relatively long history of human life in terms of only a moment, this short life need to hold their own, cherish.We have a responsibility to live, for their loved ones responsible, more responsible for their own.With a successful return to all those who love our.    Let’s hope lives, smiling all the way to walk.Plains, mountains unfold like a picture, forests, lakes like the mother’s shawl.Everything is so wonderful, warm.    Youth Friends, blows that unpleasant burden, singing songs better life, a style of thousands to sing it, sing it a forever.Let this light was not available warmth, no branches but may be the result of lightning storms grow in life, hard work.