Cherish plain little happiness

All the treasure we have now, do not wait before starting to regret lost.    - Inscription away from home, only to find their parents nagging is how beautiful; frustrated life, only to find that the teachings of the elders is how pleasing to the ear; friendship broken, only to find friends how hands are warm.    Summer vacation, and I meet every day, every day, with a passage of time, between us has become by the beginning always had so much to say because a trivial quarrel.Although, after each fight a few words will soon be over, but I still provoke them angry.    Time always quietly slipped away between our casual, fleeting among seems like we knew it, summer is over.Now, the school has been nearly two months, and I two weeks to back to a home, at school, I always wanted Mom and Dad, want to go home.Also, do not know why, I always take a nap and sleep at night when sleep, when before boarding is not the case.Each time, I always look forward too big week, looking forward to the holidays.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) life, we always neglect their own, to envy what others have, as always complain that parents complain that their parents at home, find it too bad that this is not good.But do not forget, how many people are envious of us.Happiness is always around us, but it is very small; if your heart is large, then it pass you.    Therefore, we must cherish the plain little happiness, cherish everything they own, cherish your family friendship.