Cherish life

Part One: 2009-2-16 cherish life extension work two days two students jumped, is a suspect because of emotional problems, another suspect is due to achievement hanging branches, which jumped to the second student died.Two continuous jumping events, as people really regret and reflection.What makes them so fragile, vulnerable to easily choose death.  Life is precious, so everyone only once, so why they do not value it, is psychological pressure to bear their own social environment caused by insufficient or.  I think everyone knows that death is terrible, also known on the side of all those who love their city is a great harm.But they chose from a kill to prove that at the time there is something to make them feel more terrible than death.Death is terrible, but compared to extreme anxiety mental confusion, the latter is more painful.  Different everyone to bear the psychological pressure, but very fragile mental easy to choose from a spur of the moment to escape pressure to kill the pain.So a killing occurred since the event is to include a significant for two reasons: First, from a psychological endurance of those who kill the fragile; the second is caused by social factors from a kill by extreme anxiety confusion of mind.  The direct cause of psychological endurance fragile life is too smooth, no untested setbacks.This has a direct relationship with the traditional examination-oriented education, examination-oriented education has been emphasized as a fraction, not the quality of students.So modern education should emphasize education setback.Appropriate add some frustration is beneficial to students’ healthy growth.  Social objective factors.This may be less than the extension work of psychological education, did not give enough attention and counseling in the event of a problem; the drawbacks of traditional education; society is also possible that there are bad aspects to be changed.  But what reason is ignored, since a killing is a kind of unwise behavior, a behavior not cherish life.Each of us must learn to cherish life.  Proverbs: intoxicated heart often fail to materialize, the breeding of bitter thoughts for a boat, pain-stricken, road and commit suicide, a man lost life in vain; do not over-time for the next life, and for this raw filial.In this era of dust that regardless of family wealth and glory, or the poor beggar, are inevitably mixed trouble and suffering, they came, mind must be clear.Who no trouble, who do not have the time and benefit from, so every encounter the Heart or distress should be calm and bright, when everything will be over too, everything without tension, people come for the music this life is bitter over, without having to produce not unlock, the heart obviously bright eye; the dark eye heart secretly.We know the storm was proud loose years, who called for ideological emancipation of adversity, Mo is the dust-ridden era, looking forward to tomorrow even more brilliant.    Part II: cherish life, love life last night to finish “Love barren and rebirth,” when actually this morning to 5:30, and finally physically and mentally exhausted and fell asleep, today this is the Lord’s Day, going to the church, 7:30 when too Sala a push me up, I get up to tell the truth, I do not go to church today.So then let me sleep Ah too, the two of us in a room, a bunk bed, she spread my bunk, then her cell phone ringing in my upper berth, went to the toilet ran too Ah, I had general is not answer her phone, not to mention already trapped like that, but at that time the head is gone times on behalf of her accident received a phone Lisu Xi said that we want to send someone to hold Tata past, so factors like Tata Jumping out of bed, rinse teeth, wash your face, wear shoes on the red out.So this way, we have to also go to the church.  Doze in the car all the way to the church, to catch up with Hong Kong today over a female pastor for us to share the sermon, I usually go to the Cathedral of hearing always found to be sleepy, but this time even if the storm did not fall asleep like this, it is also is a miracle.The first time I saw the female pastor, and the pastor is a very young woman, also dressed in a straight hair, at first glance like a little girl of two dozen, but also about so whetted our interest to listen to them.Today, we say: What in the world could change, natural disasters, financial crisis, family breakdown, raw old died, but only unchanging love of God, Jesus Christ, yesterday, today, and forever the same.Sauna net listening to understand why this morning I would head a short circuit pick up that phone, the Holy Spirit he used to come to our casual approach to guide us turn to God.Today baptized in the church to be built Xia, but the party is over, I barely did not wait for the ceremony I sat Suzie’s car to go back all the way, I carried my Tata, he finished the bottle in my arms milk powder fell asleep, I looked at the Tata sleeping like, very cute.This is a real small arms baby, I can not help but touch a move reverence for life.See children clear eyes, can not help but admire this simple life is precious.  Cherish life, love yourself from the start.Do not love themselves, I can not love others, not because of this ability.That’s neighbor as yourself.That love is also a need to cultivate the ability to continuously.  Since yesterday, the world whirling world with the Father in my heart campaign, barren and rebirth in the fight, fight.  Today, I was riding a bike near the international city lawn watching the sunset second, three months have passed from the first term, a time when Dubai’s National Day that day, a quarter of an instant gone, Dubai for a season, He traveled this season left me a lot of grief can not forget, in that round the setting sun, I see this season come to Azeri, wandering uncertain.See departed grandmother, my deepest remaining in this world a family has also been cut off.I love to see a stream of tears and went out through the broken heart.  Yes, this world everything may change, the sea will dry stone will rot.  Silence in the desert, I heard the cries of two thousand years in the wilderness: Prepare the Lord, make straight his paths.  The sound was so clear, yes, he would come in power.Our hearts do not just turn to the Lord, and there is also the main access road to make in our hearts, so that he may be able to occupy every corner of our hearts.  I know I’ve been saving it in a corner, I carefully over her possession of it, my heart did not want do not want to pay out, and now I clearly understand why yesterday I break, it’s a process I have to go through , if not broken, I would like to not be used.I saw Simon Peter and Andrew, their nets, and followed the main.But the Lord’s mind is: he wants us to give him, he will give us what.So then who will win the legendary fishers.  I remembered the previous sang that song, “Father of the world,” Susan was still there, she said that this song is beautiful.Until today, I really appreciate, I would say: This is my Father’s world, sad though it seems to triumph, Father you are still in power!And power forever.  Love more than God is not worthy to follow the Lord.For his sad situation is too big for the country sad, it is not worthy to follow the Lord.We would like to be like Simon then Peter, Andre, rest assured goes fishing nets, follow the Lord.Though not know the road go from here, but you know who to follow is so full of joy, full of peace.Return to become as little children, simply to trust, no muddy impurities, like Tata now clear eyes.  Cherish life, love life.