Cherish life

Part one: life experience, cherish life meteor across the sky, with the long river following a progressive.  Look endless cloud of dust, endless river tour.Juyi Peng water, verdant taste of life; pick up a pebble, context massage time.Autumn leaf roll know the world, jackdaws crossing a snow dance.  Insights from the rolling life help float, bleeding from a vein in a network, hidden in the fine.The river of life reflected a needle-like leaves drifting snow, the slightest change color with the banks on the side forward gradually, until the ripples swing out bits and pieces, engulfed sight.The drain, bright life engraved with the traces of history, stirring the bright pearl collections.  When you see people of faith alive, mostly in order to get praise, people get more recognition; if you find that you assume the role of high and low timeshare, you want to be happy, courageous, self-Jane, but not because of low occupation light up themselves, and not because of a slight disappointments and self-esteem abandon myself, not the life for some small episode occurring in the bleak life.  You have to cherish cherish eyes healthy and treat your life, you should use their enthusiasm to maintenance, watering the flower of his life.Your faith must first own comfort, not because of the small disappointments in life and in private life distorted brilliant, but can not give up the pulse of life.  Life is not bitter alcohol honey, tired of the fun, not to see the flower embroidery, the fog can not see the flowers, the game of life; life is made of iron to steel forging process, life is a glorious sail towards life; life needs such as high-road days, wise as clouds.  Life is a thing of the past, is short, and it is beautiful, just like the popular thing, like, red and white pole, not to be optimistic, but the red after a while, they were optimistic about.Life is like this, when you have, you do not have a.  You look at life, cherish life’s journey, you will find that when life is life to the extreme, often exhibit some of the calm beauty of the Pro troubled times and not panic, not impatient at the Ark, celebrate wanes , windy dark clouds; you will be more aware, only holding the heart of a normal ordinary people, to look at life, to cherish life, life will be more meaningful.  Life is good, when one lives attachment another life, each other and go hand in hand, the world will feel really good, the sky is so blue, the earth is so pure;’ll understand in this world, we have how lonely the castaways, will need to be grateful to know in this world, you will feel that life is so precious.  Sometimes I think life always go very tired, you need to select the fork before the move, heading erected, every step, we need to adjust the pace to catch up with the forefront.Tired rest of the time, the string could not help but look back and see that the way of life of their footprints, a ratio with others, perhaps bend popular chatter, shallow popular acid, may be lost, or get angry with the slightest the disconsolate.  Life really needed interpretation, every effort needs to take each step, it needs careful scold, that way of life is the ultimate beauty, each flower has its own unique color, each star has its splendid light of each strand breeze will be sent to cool, every drop of nectar will moisten the wilderness, will leave immortal poem.  Life is a journey, if we can arrive in high spirits and the line, no matter how far off the road, are happy and interesting flavor of.  If you can appreciate the high spirits and the line is a kind of unrestrained delight of life, that is so fun and go embodies the bold, neat, courage to give up attitude to life, life skills exhibited the influence of economic body of great wisdom.  Life is short, impermanence, and no one can guarantee that they can live until tomorrow, so everyone should learn to cherish, learn to make full use of the value of life.  If one day, early in the morning, you suddenly think of Taishan top to see the sunrise, take a lot of layers along the stone steps, crisp fresh air and the birds have been enough to make you extremely comfortable, then you can do your footsteps come to a halt.Standing on the mountain to watch the sunrise is no less to show in front of you is not a bad idea is a beautiful landscape.You do not need to do too tired himself too far-fetched, you have to do is singing down, take a good leisurely down the road.  We are passing life, the distant sky, leaving no trace of flying marks, but take away the slight memory.When we stay in that moment of coincidence of pointers life, these micro memories will take us back to the moment of birth, sunset fog still cuddle with love.  On the front line in the history of life-vein, along the way picking up a leaf, left to recall the presence of the world will be clear and specific; life-time walk through the door, so the setting sun gives the memory key.That bundle of firewood memory so quietly lying on the ground, and so to extract life along the way to pick up the branches and leaves, quietly recalled sunset at your fingertips.  Pursue your dream, go where you want, do you want a man, because only one life, also had a chance to do what you want to do.  Feelings of life, cherish life, the Flower of Life in full bloom flowers never fade!    Part II: cherish life life, only once; we should grasp how the boat of their own lives, make their life more exciting, relevant and create a miracle of life, everyone is worth to think about.  In the War of the earthquake the whole country in the face of enormous natural disasters, and many people rely on, “I want to live,” the New Year, positive self-help, created a miracle of life, give us a fresh lesson.Lin Hao is the leader of our age.In the ruins, he led us sang another song, over and over after the “Greater China,” he conquered fear disaster, “Great China” gave him infinite power, he wants to live, because he knows he who bears responsibility squad leader, charged with the responsibility of life, he survived only because he had the courage, but his desire and perseverance in the pursuit of life, he knew his life for meaning and value only tenacious struggle to rebuild their lives. “I climb hard, hard climb, and finally climb out.”This sentence is more prominent in his desire for life, his way of salvation has repeatedly been collapsed down the stones hit the left arm serious injury, but have never been overwhelmed by his strong will, he in praise of his own holy life!  I remember a writer once said: If life is a song, it is necessary to play happy; holiday Life is a river, we must jump for joy joy; holiday life is a ball of fire, it will burn free and easy!Yes ah, Lin Hao It was with the faith and courage, know how to cherish life’s heart was survived.  At the same time, we are living in the metropolis, and not by the earthquake threat against us, but for various reasons, contempt for life, There is no royal road to the face of difficulties, how should we choose?In a positive attitude to face, or do “deserter”?Abandoned life as a feather, the value of life that we can not use food to measure.The road of life is that there have been setbacks, though, and now no storm, but I believe that in the future we will spend a hurdle, no matter what the experience should be optimistic to face, every day is substantial, life is not wasted time.  In today’s society, there will be such a report every day: a certain university, a student suicide, parents face the hard work, with great love and cultivation of pay, and what would you face to face?You go, parents are left an indelible bruises, pain that left this life is unforgettable.Face life, how do you answer?Such is the glorious mission to accomplish in your life you?Suicide is an irresponsible approach to life, we can not abuse our rights to life given, we should cherish fishes.Is this what we seek in life, to face this world to achieve the dream?Crossed the dangerous and difficult mountain course is hard and tiring, we experienced a storm erosion, blue sky more beautiful after the rain, only to shine as one of the rainbow, all difficulties are not hampered.  Person, only one life.Lin Hao taught me to be strong and brave, cherish life, cherish life, cherish life, life gives us everything that is holy and inviolable, nothing can match him.Everyone is equal in front of him, there is no distinction, it may not have been hard lesson, they will not know his value, but you have to grasp the life boat, only one life!    Part III: cherish life – treat yourself regardless of bland, or vigorous.Whether smooth or bumpy twists and turns, life did not abandon us, it gives us a lot, it gives us a mature idea, give us the world’s most valuable family, friendship, teaches us joy and sorrow, so we should cherish life.To experience life carefully, as they face the new sun, fresh air, our hearts will have a new hope, though their day will be spent in a tense, but our mood is relaxed, the pace is brisk, treat people and things are magnanimous and confident.Maybe we learned from the life out of life is not monotonous.(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) only his own life, you can grasp the self, to cherish themselves, we should enjoy ourselves, No gold, no one is perfect.Only in this way, both good times and bad, you can calmly face, correct grasp of their own.Create the value of life in the pursuit of independence.You can enjoy your work, you have a wonderful spiritual world.  Every moment of life, the past will never come again, every experience in life, all life, no longer have to experience, know how to cherish their own is not an easy task.Live, work, struggle, always beautiful things.Only treasure their own, will be open-minded attitude of life, peace of mind to face life, be able to maintain a sense of balance in the numerous worlds, not others, and drift.To have a good mood, to turn swords into plowshares, of diseases to health and even saved the day.Learn to use their own strengths, to grasp the opportunity, which is to change the fate of the greatest wealth.  Cherish their own lives, is the elimination of low self-esteem, to reinvent yourself, to compete, the courage to try a powerful backing.The true meaning of life is to stick with the struggle, in the continuous efforts to obtain and maintain this state of mind, you will have a chic life.To create a worthy treasure the precious days.  Cherish life, rich in profound thought connotation, extension and philosophy of life.In real life there are too many things worth treasuring, such as cherish the time, cherish life, cherish resources, health treasure, treasure fate, cherish, cherish has.Cherish the work, love, family, friendship, love the neighborhood.This is the meaning of life is to cherish.Key life most of it so one or two steps.Right or wrong life.most of the time.Life can not start over.Turn back the clock.We once again choose to cherish and seize the opportunity to once again.Once missed, you might be able to change his life!A treasure, perhaps also a lifetime achievement.One might decide to give up his life.Cherish and hold on life, it really is often among the first-line, or give up a treasure of the ages.Treasure, or become a much-told story, has since then, happy life.He gave up, with a little hesitation, and perhaps forever happy for him, but since then miss, regret for life.  Life only three days, memories of yesterday, today is the center of life, only grasp today, tomorrow can be a better life.Our lives, a spring vegetation.Short life, all sorts of taste, lingering aftertaste.Hard life contains a lot of pain, only shining Love, brilliant performance.  Cherish life now, enjoy success and failure, joy and pain of life, this is the most brilliant life experience of each of us, is eternal memories.  Cherish life, cherish life, treat yourself.Let the best and most healthy of a beautiful show to their own community, to show to family, to show to their favorite people.Part Four: cherish life met the most beautiful scenery beautiful morning, let us have a comfortable feeling, looking at the blue sky, beautiful clouds let us joy.Life, we will meet many different people, just as we will meet different scenery every day, everyone is best met our lives, we treat life the most beautiful encounter, we must learn to cherish and gratitude, cherish life the most beautiful met, well Shizumori years.  Some people say that to meet that kind of beauty, a beauty without any restraint.In fact, everyone will meet different people, each person shows up in your life for a reason.Those who continue to Hello, and thank them for their warm with one move to bring you endless warmth, perhaps they are no regrets, it is so true feelings, let your life is full of homey.They are a symbol of the sun, like you always encourage you forward, so that you grow, gain courage.Perhaps this is such a beautiful met, let your life in a different color.If you want to have more beautiful meet, you should learn to cherish the beautiful met, then go to the perception of life.  The best thing to do is in your best years you meet people who most want to meet, but in life we always meet people who do not like themselves, perhaps they do not like is to meet people.Could it be that these are met bad, not worth to cherish where we do?In my mind, those are the most beautiful in life meet, everyone has a place worth your learning.You do not like people who cherish.Because to say a certain sense, he taught you tolerance and respect, play an important role in life, perhaps they can not make up your life missing part.Similarly treasure does not like you, they did not let us fall, but let us learn to reflect and grow.Treasure meet all kinds of different, because each encounter might make us benefit, saw the beautiful scenery.  Life is a field of flowers bloom, a field meet different.In the same scene, meet different people, there will be a different feeling.The passage of time, those in your life whether you meet the most beautiful collection of mind?Perhaps, the next second you do not know how to meet people, but to learn to cherish the people Hello.  Static view the path of life, cherish life met the most beautiful, gratitude and life in different people, then you will gain more and better insights.    Part Five: Anger needs to be patient life cherish life do not care how much money, how much power do not care about a person, for everybody only once, it does not have distinction or distinction.  She was lame, married to a humble man, although the day was poor, loving husband to her, let her feel very happy life.  In her 6-year-old son, 3-year-old daughter that year, a neighbor’s house to seize his home base, her husband to block the other side, the other side is pointed face scolded: “You called up the village and told the village cadres to come, who will dare not let me cover my head down to see people come to you to stop me, I am against you.”Her husband was enraged, he went back home, took off his shirt, stripped to the waist, took the knife, tried to go out.  The husband pulled her tightly by the arm, cried and advised her husband: “there are a lot of someone’s home, you go out.”The husband pushed her down to the ground:” to roar!Piece place that is our ancestors left behind, his family built a house, we are her children, what cover!I do not live, I have to give them a fight can not be!”She hugged her husband’s legs, sad to say:” You go fight to others, I am a cripple, how to feed two children, not to mention the children grow up to build a house!Without you, me and the children will starve to death, you really do not want to live, and put me and the children are killed, we are better than starve.”Her husband looked standing next to crying child, looking at the ground begging wife, hesitated.  She continued to persuade her husband: “someone else’s life is not worth the money, in this family, your life is the most valuable, can not hold the room base, can keep your life, they saved our home, you know.?”He listened to your wife and the matter put up three decades for many years, and now he and his wife, was admitted to the county, and children living with grandchildren, living in the city’s life.Every recall being bullied others occupied housing base in the past, he deeply felt anger to be patient, the need to cherish life, is the pursuit of life, a happy life.