About cheongsam, always I wanted to write something, but it has not find the right words.Cheongsam just saw, my mind suddenly flashed “encounter” the word, so overjoyed, think about it, only “encounter” fit dress.Childhood, watched TV shows are probably forget, only that piece cheongsam remember it, then do not understand the charm of cheongsam, it just feels beautiful, like actually unknowingly on the.Memory, the mother has a blue and white floral dress, the dress is not already very vague, but it is the most intuitive I cheongsam mark.Later, I read Eileen Chang, a lot of people have said Aileen love clothes addiction, love the dress, still dressed in scarlet dress died, and does not feel strange, dress does have a kind of magic Masterpieces talented woman let alone love life.If you want a perfect interpretation of the Oriental woman, in my opinion, none other than non cheongsam.Dress can fully show women’s curves, high white collar does not fully cover the Yu Jing, people can not help daydreams talk, smooth lines will reveal women’s soft layers, skirt slits make slender legs looming, like a work of art pottery.Cheongsam also happens to have a charm to cater to women of different ages.Seven-year-old little girl, wearing cheongsam, naughty without losing the lovely, quiet but lively showing.Sixteen or seventeen girls, dressed in cheongsam, energetic but somewhat shy, somewhat restrained enthusiasm, twenty-year-old woman, then put on cheongsam, Sentimental receded, the show is clean, elegant, virtuous, more than thirty year-old woman, put on cheongsam, after years of accumulation, covered with mature, noble.Forty-year-old woman, Tang Huo wearing cheongsam, mature in more intellectual, more noble and steady.Fifties and sixties woman, against the background of dress, indescribably charming, endless charm.Even seven or eight-year-old woman wearing cheongsam, although Shaohua will do, lingering charm.Speaking of dress, I used it to contact the Chinese blue and white porcelain painting and up, although known association quite far, but still like.Maybe dress like Chinese ink painting, like rendering does not require big, just a few strokes, will be able to depict its charm.Also deemed the blue and white porcelain, simple lines can be sketched out its essence.The more metaphor, the more joy.  Any fabric, any color, can cut dress, natural flavor is different.White cotton dress, pure, flawless white silk dress is out of the water like a fairy, flow, Lingqibiren.Black satin dress, mysterious, elusive.Net-colored dress, not make people feel monotonous, and gorgeous dress will not make people feel vulgar.I think the most northern place is not suitable to wear cheongsam rough, but should be fine in the South.Or hold a two-edged umbrella, walking in the south lane in the rain, or holding a folding fan, in the evening stroll in the West of the bridge, or just sitting in the window, listening on a zither, slowly sipping afternoon tea, chrysanthemum.This scene probably appear in a dream, after all, I am not Southern graceful woman, do not want to profane cheongsam.Many first-class fashion designers always design different costumes to highlight women’s femininity.Except dress, feminine women can show all.Or quiet, or sexy, or gentle, or enchanting, without words, cheongsam its own kind of spirituality that allows a woman to wear her Lingqibiren, gestures are all.  In my subconscious, some jewelry can dress icing on the cake, the finishing touch.Not gold, some tacky gold, nor diamonds, inevitably some dazzling diamonds.Jade, jade, agate, these spiritual ornaments, with a cheongsam, will be a perfect match.Dynamic flow line dress will be a perfect interpretation of the beauty of nature in these trinkets in.  Perhaps, one day, I will be dressed in cheongsam with Hosta hair pulled high, hovering in the downtown, look for a unique tranquility.