Cheongsam Love

A woman’s heart is always with the throbbing rhythm of the seasons, confront warm and cold weather transform constantly asked herself: What to wear today is good?A piece of purchase, and a piece of elimination, it seems, “Morrow new clothes,” since ancient times, is consistent with the concept of a woman dressing.    This woman is no exception, although the wardrobe full, but the overall feeling of the clothes did not wear out.Out of the quarter after quarter update is actually a very grueling thing, not to mention most of those clothes as good as new, do not say it had to spend geometric, one that get every piece of clothing can tell a moving story, or a casual encounter at first sight, or searching suddenly found that, in short, has shown signs of heart each time the lake is already known as Chun-bo waves, soulful gazing in the mirror frequency Gu, since that is a non-perfectly, and smile flowery band to go out after several other up, repeated sun washed, had unwittingly but it is changing people’s minds, but abandoned anyone to say that there are many sad farewells, the end is morally sent again after struggling tangle out, a home to occupy idle space so add their own gambling, and secondly to give the right people to make the best use is cause for rejoicing.    This wave after wave of new push Chen is satisfied, the closet can not remember how many were draining away shirt jacket culottes, may have two dress I always treasure 17 years accompanied by consistently.    What dress are two non-high-end designer, not a luxury clothing, but not the famous production, very ordinary imitation flax fiber, all from my hand.A white and blue flowers blue decorated small grid at the end, a little traditional blue cloth flavor, very elegant.Remember when shopping to see this piece of material just a phase, it can store only less than one meter of cloth, I bought it without thinking, took only ten yuan, happily brought home to and laid them on the shelf to start cutting and sewing, because of the cloth to see that moment I have a good idea to do a dress.Elegant quiet small blue flowers reserved style, but unfortunately too little fabric, the length is limited, but the feeling after the completion of this length and texture of the fabric is still very consistent, then a long is not necessarily better results.Small stand-up collar, under collar lapel in order to open a small crosswise to wear off, and then decorated with three white plate buttons, both decorated, has its practical utility, this is my ingenuity oh.Cheongsam behind him also did receive rave reviews, she has said Xiaojiabiyu gentle, elegant yet stylish.If done too long, but friends say the traditional flow, so good, aesthetic and both classical and modern.I put elated.    Because of this short, you want to do one more long, can be used in everyday dress, do not want to be too dazzling, do not be too orthodox old-fashioned, visiting many times did not choose the right clothes.That day the neighbor came back from the field trip to her mother take along a piece of cloth but are not favored, and asked me what style is better.Imitation linen cloth, drape well, rice gray background, it seems very complicated but throughout the implicit rules of geometric patterns, like the kind of hemp texture textured pottery glaze.Make a dress will certainly be a unique effect!She looked at me a little puzzled, I said, you have to think there is no right to do, just give me.She readily agreed.Dark colors, with retro means of patterns, better drape, this being coincident make me a long dress fabric requirements.In order to make the effect of fashion, I boldly cut into raglan sleeveless, wrap the chest engrave a water drop small hole can be hidden emerged exquisite pendant necklace, long to the ankle, side slits on the lap.Static, end Zhuangxian Shu; movable, wind Fuliu.See the left, measurements wrap, curves induced; see right, legs looming, style swaying.This is just my skin tone and not coordinated, but it does not affect my mood, because it’s unique, each year more than a decade to wear on the body it that way, it does not matter trends and outdated, so the total is not willing to abandon their I measure their body became ruler.After all, time is getting ah, though now able to wear, but you can see the obvious fat, bad and then show up in front of people.    Like dress, but also because it is multi-faceted inclusive.I enjoy a variety of different styles of clothing, what style want to try, they can be subject to its own conditions and temperament.I like to be different, but fearing publicity, to make people feel awkward personality who can not.Cheongsam is the best blend of all the psychological demands of women and fully reflect the beauty of these women dress.First, from the modeling point of view, wrap measurements show women soft smooth curve, which is the dress the most fundamental reason to conquer the world.Look at the details, dignified and conservative collar affixed to the neck, modesty of women state, just right interpretation of subtle beauty, if leisurely venue, slits Pianfei elegant skirt sleeve of a robe, develop their graceful posture, thousands of style at that a relaxation, a possession of a dew spread out.Different materials, patterns, colors, different details with different accessories to wear at different people, on different occasions, will have a different aesthetic effect, showed a different flavor.To luxurious silk brocade available, and then to fine detail, trim, plate buttons, embroidery and so on, can be marketplace coarse linen, the production can be simple plain.Cheongsam after numerous improvements and creative people, but now they can be said to be colorful, in addition to highlighting the gist of women measurements of the same, in addition to simple lines unchanged, leaders and any other details can be constantly guise, each change but also different interpretation of femininity.Solemn, subtle, gentle, graceful, elegant, demure, sexy, graceful, charming, enchanting.It seems that all women describe the beauty of words can be used to describe a woman’s dress a certain charm, it is indeed a cheongsam exquisite design, but not enough to express my poor language it’s perfect.    Of course, people’s clothes and beauty are complementary and mutually reinforcing, who is the soul of clothes.If God can give each person a chance to make a wish, I will let him give me a devil’s body, extraordinary temperament, I want to try all the costumes, all the female beauty come forth to me.