Cheongsam Chien-knot

Out of the cell door in the morning, head met a young woman wearing a plain dress, but even pedal strap black sandals, was cut very short hair dyed yellow dry.Because cheongsam short skirt, and have not hamper its strode forward in time, which is about to go to the front not far from jolly.Iraq was hit by a loved cheongsam dress like that, I could not bear to look straight into the body quickly stagger their way.    Maybe deep inside every woman will have cheongsam complex, modern fashion anyway, or plain.In the modern woman’s life, or the quintessence of the final finale debut wearing a white silk dress on that modern wedding.Giving her smooth classic Chinese-style falling bun, pedal red flashing emerald pointed stiletto shoes, with sections from gentle charm, confidence, happiness filled.Convergence from the usual uninhibited life, workplace, working hard to put down hard, then wrapped in a simple dress, you’re little people around the side of the wife, you’re meek little Jiaonv the hearts of parents, you are the eyes of the dutiful daughter-in-laws.No white prime yarn superior Xian Qi, introverted cheongsam is hidden in the heart of a wife and mother.    However, looking ahead is filled, accompanied by the baptism of a new civilization, fast-paced life, it is difficult to see the line gown willowy woman with a.A wide variety of modern dress full of infinite temptation, powerful wind of fashion, there are a few women do not succumb to fashion?Moreover, the number of women in the workplace to work hard, under the able women wear is like the wind.Housewife would never wear dress to go shopping, wide loose tracksuit seems to have many more in line with the concept of full-time housewives.    Most scenarios can see is: cheongsam became many hotel staff of professional service, welcome Miss naturally beautiful willowy, smiled, pointing to the jade to show the charm of cheongsam; in the lobby, dressed in a narrow box narrow cheongsam force carrying heavy dish shuttle to and between the tables, always feels strange.More time to participate in the wedding, the bride’s dress actually, and that restaurant uniforms similar to the color pattern, not know which is the bride.That night she had to be the most dazzling most dazzling star, inadvertently lighted around actually had to obliterate all carry.I wonder if this bride would feel, thus creating waves of how home.    An ordinary woman, in addition there are a number of opportunities Mimi put it cheongsam leisurely row?Opportunities few and far between.But, what can stop maintained the eyes, heart, love of dress it!See, try on the body, the gentle classical beauty flower blooming in the mirror, the claws of women at work the man escape.Imagine that the woman calm and tranquility dress, holding blue and white porcelain cup skim a cup of tea, captivating, Zhu Ying mottled window, rain gurgling, which is a beautiful scene ah!Weigh ponder left and right, I’m afraid to buy back no chance to wear ah, severely heart to go down, then do not go far but will fold back, crisp clothes to get paid leave.At the moment, it is sparkling bright eyes, and that my heart is sweet sparkling joy.    However, those who dress finally became collectibles, like a sleeping beauty waiting to wake up one day have a ground-breaking, because of its years of beauty and shine of beauty and love it.    But when will it ground-breaking?Republican woman holding those legendary stories, enjoying the romantic figure who wore the dress, lamented that era sake of them, or because of them, that era is so fascinating.The Republican roots one by one giving her curly hair to slim graceful posture, through the time tunnel sections from thousands of style, bright colors.They never grow old because of the passage of time, more because of years old and as old Nver soft and mellow, very sweet and pure.They dressed due to a variety of the most fashionable dress and make their presence more gorgeous infinity, it is precisely because of their interpretation of the cheongsam dress before the full show to the world of glamor and charm to this old photo, black and white movies in the form of heritage to the world, affecting later cheongsam woman hopelessly in love.    In fancy dress pattern woman wrapped in the Mood for Love, every woman is or was once a blooming flower.Although the flowers are also the flowers fade, but the woman at different times will have different style.Women should be small to the same old flowers are beautiful.Dress the body of a young man piercing is pretty cute, piercing is beautiful and dignified middle age, old age is to wear clothing of elegance.    The cheongsam is particularly pick one, only mature, plump, has the connotation of a woman to control the charm of the beautiful dress, to wear clothing cheongsam soul.Treats although partial thin, her temperament rich heritage still let her dress had control of charm, it is still a dress according to the impression that the clothes of the people!Only the most suitable oriental woman wrapped in a simple dress, petite, curve clear, elegant and subtle.Nicole had seen old photos with a cheongsam, the Western great beauty, although play come to the kingdom, but it will eventually wear beautiful oriental quintessence of nondescript.Blonde, high nose deep eye sockets after all, difficult to coordinate and dress, big burly figure to wear evening dress is the goddess, the cheongsam dress becomes a tragedy.    Each woman seems to just open a beauty mode, they begin to read to produce numerous cheongsam.Prior to the pursuit of university most girls costumes are crucial because studies and became a closed mode, go to college, almost all of them girls reborn, not only became a goddess temperament, has become a clothing control.A woman’s beauty to a ground-breaking nature of the potential vacated out in twos and threes Yidao shopping to buy clothes natural Needless to say, the research and discussion of the dress is the most popular theme.I was at university, the same bedroom A really most enviable, because she had a dressmaker mother, and to dab hand made her a dress, dark purple patterns, wrapped in A really young bodies, A true and loving temper is quiet, when suddenly her as Dong Zhujun the Republic of China in general, wrapped in a gentle perseverance.A bedroom of the girl an instant sensation, we have booing, have asked to try, tall short, fat thin is not a drop.Probably because the girl’s body fat, thin, almost the same, actually everyone to wear, just a different flavor of it.Some cute, some mature, some are like the little girl to wear her sister’s clothes, but we still could not go to school to take pictures in front of the studio.A true but it is still the best looking dress, whose clothes fit the body who it!    The same school and a girl, are outside the lines, I do not know the name, is a long Yulian rich, diverse body.She had the impression that since the first days of school report, when the old train station pick a school bus, happened to the two baggage piled up one, so familiar..Occasionally meet on campus, not only because this girl was born beautiful, stylish modern clothes, but also looks glamorous, bold bones.I have a fellow and she happens to a system, it is to hear some of her story, and the boys Pinjiu, fight to stomach bleeding and taken to the hospital.But it would certainly be a girl bones, a deep feeling of cheongsam.When she appeared on campus, foot white high-heeled sandals, dressed in a white wrap dress, waist black hair tied back, and looking as ever, looked calm, clear spirit if cents.White foundation dull white dress patterns to increase somewhat steady, unhurried pace bradycardia.Gentle wrapped in plain dress is how a young and elusive heart?    At that time, the love of cheongsam has only miss, the window placed too expensive, only much appreciate strike!Since then she has turned into a cloud linger in the mind, the heart empty when surrounded by gentle reverie bow.    A young man dressed always felt “a woman friend who have capacity,” when I can afford to put that piece of clothing in the heart for many years, gently sentence “This dress does not fit to wear this era,” let me regret harbor He gave up a good heart!But after all, it is not willing to put that good heart quietly finishing back on the door of the heart, in the solitude of a man of leisure time to savor.    In years to go, the mind also as the years quietly row.More like a person shopping, a person prefer to make their own judgment against the United States serving a variety of likes and dislikes by heart set.Cheongsam has quietly appeared in sight, as familiar old friend for many years, not because of the barriers of time and unfamiliar, because of the passage of time more cordial.Only the murmur of a greeting: “So you are here” on the Road to make the worth when the mood reunion.Every meet is the feast, each respectively are reluctantly.The home is thousands of years to repair fate, with no need to go back to is Jesus Christ in Review.    But after all those can only bring back quietly waiting in the closet, waiting for the unity of the people that day clothes.Who knows what year it is the past and present?Wind, rain go every day to not see the light of two run around for a living, like a cow general hoarse doing physical strength, trudged away on the way home, how to elegant!    But after all, should not people suffering because of the outside world has been wronged and his heart, and my heart there is sunshine, and my heart have the desire, life will be more unexpected development.Edge to edge to the overall Sometimes, maybe fate but not yet reached it.Because who knows someday really ground-breaking, who said it quasi.