Cheng pulls past articles

Part One: Cheng pulls back, the clouds turned out to those lost years, it is fixed in the man who, want to return to also go back, looking for can not find, like, can not forget.  - Inscription supposed to be the spring season, and can weather was exceptionally cold, can not help but kind of illusion, that time is still stuck in winter.This past winter, too lazy, too long, too bleak, too dejected.That my mood has been this season and cater to, depression, decadent, empty out, alienated…Has continued with, like a lost child, I do not know what they want in the end.  At this point, the night has come slowly, and the blue sky has darkened slightly, the distant horizon is wrapped with layers of gray clouds of thick, vehicles and people have become scarce.The road looked out the window a lot of silence, dry branches are still bare, the pace of the spring or so slow, everything seemed to be waiting, waiting for the arrival of spring.  A person a long time, it will become more and more silent, forget the talk, immersed in the solitude and loneliness, and gradually become strong and alienation.Then deep friendship, learn the relative alienation, this is the best way to protect yourself.Once a friend told me that she felt like a hedgehog, not used to stab her scratchy, but to protect their own.Slowly I think she rightly said, if you do a hedgehog, it will never hurt.Long years, I still do not want to become like a hedgehog as a friend, I would like to make a forgotten love and waiting for small fish, no long-term memory, no tears, free.  A man began to mature, it is to learn to face loneliness.Loneliness is when you need someone, find vain.You do not need other people, alone drunk.  Informed loved heavy, concentrated wine drunk to know.With the enemy gradually addicted to the past, time will cover all.Experience of life, can not forget again.People to people, people are no longer.  Has no longer take the initiative to make new friends.I do not like to take the initiative to approach others.Like to fall in love, I have always maintained that any such feelings should be.My personality has always been so, some autistic.Saw in a book that in your life, look at what people will go away, and then left to those few, that is, friends.Ah, settling down should be the best.  Maybe I was naive mind, soul is heavy people.Obsession is not a good thing.Sometimes really hate that you are not indifferent, not weak, not enough…not enough.Done is not enough.Or the cold in the end, or warm as ever.And I could not do both.Red Dust, in the end what I want to do?  The original of those lost years, it is fixed in the man who, want to return to also go back, looking for can not find, like, can not forget.  Everything in the past, Cheng pulls back, has become a thing of.    Part II: Cheng pulls back, worse than the scent off Chrysanthemum disability, Stir cold, the window hurt moon, water still vast, people and everything, Plum Creek disabled, people leave at dusk, tears wet Pathetic full, a melancholy willow door Yanlei vertigo.  Crescent pavilion, vaguely dream shore, Acacia whom a bomb?Gean wind screens, color haggard melancholy man, painting the bridge fragrant mountain, who light pour a glass of wine left empty months, with the sound of the lute shallow water, but since the people go, weeping on dry clothes.  Meng Xuan window, fireworks gone autumn shadow, despite the dim past his eyes, full of dust painted curtain of memory, faded flowers Liu dispersion, blurring the face of memory, the only solution in the accumulation of the yellow, watery and wandering around in twenty-four bridges before, I did not look for autumn turn, withered flower chrysanthemum.Sauna net howling Wang Tong, blazing song sticks, endless hope Fushui geese, written on paper dissatisfaction Xianchou, Huazipiaoling, incense filled the twilight dust, pour a glass of liquor, of thin section of Xinchou, such as old moonlight people thin air, tears mourner will subside.  Xi shadow dusk Man Ting scattered, leaving residual red shadow on this injury, empty parked poetry volumes fall chrysanthemum Taiwan, but since the death silence broken strings.Who sigh Qing Ju Gone with the Wind, the night Akigusa Ming, Delicate chrysanthemums sound, only stray Yin Ling.  River bridge painting, flower shore, rustling Muyu, Muyu funeral hue, bright moonlight, shadow alone, sigh if all human things scattered clouds.  Yi Xi Xi old Candle Dance shadow self-pity fragrant, night drunk two vast pavilion parting River Road, Tori wine river overflow, alone toast to invite the moon, the moon faintly reflect the bowl, rolling in spite of autumn Italy.Fleeting perishable how worthy old face, tears in their eyes who knows the roots of pear Johnson, according to the swing bridge at dusk, disconsolate dream, knows spring is infinitely good.  Lonely predicament, words such as sadness, who sent the sad, cold and death buried chrysanthemum fragrance, persevering, passed away vast yellow leaves of autumn knife.Tears strike marks residues clothing worse, Fragrance intoxicated at sunset, river befor flute night, the dark brew residues Kikuyoshi sleeves, somewhat like water Autumn, Autumn Lane station side chrysanthemum exhibition, persevering white frost coming face, dust and mud Hong shadow buried.  Before West Wing, youthful side, evanescent daisy swirl Movies limp walk, the outer light blue cloud volume Cheng.Zhibi rise, desolate dash, who sighed the old face, sadly the sun sets, a new word wine.  Bamboo water before stroking the arms of string, full frame flower cup with chrysanthemum tea, Dan Yiqu “Mountain and Flowing Water”, some chanting “Plum Blossom” Station send daisies, begins feeling of sadness v..  Daisy Plaza, subtle fragrance to stay, moon night, Sparse loss.Holding a residual chrysanthemum, a brewing incense sleeve, open at this time, wound down and into the next Chanafanghua.  Picturesque Tsing Yi, who messed up who Kate traces Candle light cool, ask who scattered dream-foot prime.Yuning choke, with the Millennium elegance, the end does not go past the flash Pori thousand cigarettes a dream.  Sentiment in previous years, who can knock month solution, read the past, but also relentless wind and rain, tears of thousands of lines the banks of the piano off and dream hard to stay in Acacia paper who thousand lines, a crazy, a drunk, falling puzzled Italy, with the past water, a thousand other casual.  Rendezvous lock, Yan Liu cold, gray water, Yisuoyanyu pale, faded residual chrysanthemum flowers, evening wine get away sheng, poetry volumes incense left unattended overnight.Best flower fly, people thin air, without any hesitation the mirror from consideration, in front of my eyes who melancholy, dejected one more sad moon.