Chen Si

Part One: morning thinking last night sky has been inundated with little drops of rain, a wet piece of dry ground, like a no uniform woman painting the makeup, but also how to retain some makeup look.Night after the rain has been somewhat cool it, and the night wind blowing, so that pedestrians walking hurriedly under the street lights.  After reading “Before Sunrise,” has nearly midnight, sleepy struck, struggled wanted to think about the content of the film, the way to write something, thought comfortable beds became my hypnotic agent, lie down with me fell asleep.  A dormitory students to get up early to go to a lecture on the outskirts of private universities, if successful, will be able to do there temporarily substitute teacher, of course, can earn a considerable income.The school bus departure at six, so he went to bed early, get up at five in the morning they pack.Because I arrived and his feet while sleeping, so I woke up.Sleepily climbed down bed, went to the balcony, to see the scenery outside.The sun did not come out, but it was already dawn, perhaps because between the morning mist filled with rain’s sake, heaven and earth, the distant tower faintly standing there, like a graceful posture slim woman in white behind the curtain.Near and far at the moment the house is very quiet, as the windows of their eyes has no charming light, close your eyes they are sleeping.The road has been soaked, it seems the ground spent the night to their makeup, and finally at this time to show a moist face.Although the trees along the road on weekdays are high-rise next to the oppressed, he argued with the car exhaust, it is surrounded by swarming crowd, but at the moment, high-rise fall asleep, and then hidden in the morning mist on; the car was still resting in the nest, We have not yet started the hustle and bustle of the day; people are still pursuing the dream world of their own.Wide road only two rows of poplars, which are very pleasant to enjoy the quiet belong to their own early in the morning, I think for those trees, last night must have been a night full of poetic, their dreams must be beautiful.They quietly stood there, let them rain washed away the body of Magnificence, the morning mist to let them put on a stunning white silk.Breeze, the leaves shake slightly, given a slight rustling sound, I think this is a tree in the dance, and even its dances are so gentle.I do not know the trees have no soul, if there is, that dance in this morning mist there must be its soul.  I was this misty morning intoxicated.  Suddenly remembered last night that movie, I do not know why, always felt there is something that makes the movie feel uncomfortable things.The movie tells the story of a train to Paris, there are two young men never met, he and she had two German quarrel and acquaintances, chatting with each other during both had a good impression on the other side, so when he wants Vienna when to get off, and he invited her to get off with him, (she had to return to Paris to college) she agreed.His reason is very interesting, he asked her to imagine that after a decade or two, when she was tired of her husband and began to think about before when men know, he is one of them, he asked her to be a space-time Travel, back to that time now, and see what missed. Then they for each other in Vienna this strange place all around, they slowly deepen the understanding of each other, including the family, upbringing, emotional attitude and so on, they went to a nameless cemetery, where they They exchanged views on the death of each other; they went to a church, where they exchanged views on religion.The most interesting is that when they walk in the river met the poet looks like a tramp, tramp proposed requirement that any of them is given a word, then he will insert a word he wrote the poem, according to their degree of satisfaction with the final to give money, so they chose the “milkshake” is the word, poetry tramp is: sink into daydreams illusion of blinking dense long eyelashes Oh, dear and glide your beautiful face staring at you Tears fall in a drop of pure eyes you see is the meaning of my life seemed to blend in a milkshake sweet cake in my glass inside I am like a trance emerge angel in a dream cruising floating Zenren see how your heart turns to sexual gratification I do not know where it comes from and more I do not know where is our destination just embrace life like meandering rivers and streams end to import down, drift you have me, I have you in my heart the way it should be seen?  Final know my heart.!  This poem is really relevant to their mood at that time, “I do not know where it comes from, but I do not know where is our destiny”, he flew back to the US tomorrow, but she will have to take a train back to Paris.That night they hugged and sleep on the grass, maybe have thought of each other over the body to each other, although she thinks they should not have done, but when they kiss, rational and did not overcome the emotions, embracing them together.In the next morning, he sent her to the station, they meet again in five years to meet this station, then turn time is changed to a year, and then it was changed to six months and then six months is accurately calculated from today, counting from last night still counting.They agreed not to call each other, writing letters, because it makes too uncomfortable with each other.Then she boarded the train back to Paris, he left the station.Some places of Vienna with the director last shot they had to be put off again demonstrates again, the story will be the end.  It should be acknowledged that the feelings between them are true and sincere, but this feeling is due to the high concentration caused by a short time, so that feelings are not as they imagine so deep, when time and space to trickle into the emotion, they may find this feeling of vulnerability.Maybe they should easily put the body to the other side, because that let their feelings become more illusory, although it all seems so they have to go with the flow.I think he and her mood in the car, maybe there are a lot of sadness, perhaps there are too many of nostalgia, which may also have a relief.The resulting short time due to strong feelings for them may become a potential pressure deep down, they want relief, happiness and obsession to bring such feelings.After six months the things we can imagine that perhaps the girl will come, maybe the boys will come, maybe they will not come, but it is a situation almost certain, is that they appear together again is impossible.  In fact, I’m not particularly concerned about the content of the story, but the reason for the boy and girl get off to persuade their attitude of the unknown more interested in.Maybe we should imagine themselves are experiencing a kind of “time travel”, it is from ten, twenty, even thirty years after the return to the present time, to experience all the time experience, his own miss good intentions experience, so perhaps there will be no regrets.But how can we pass through time and space, and how your life can be rearranged, so the “missing – sorry,” “lose – regret” seems inevitable has become our life experiences, perhaps we can do is intention to treat people and things around, there may be regrettable, but at least we would feel a lot of peace.  Have you ever imagined myself sitting on a train bound for where I do not know, then I do not know where to get off, and then in the strange town, city walk, to experience a completely unfamiliar environment.This requires us to have enough courage of the unknown, but we need to have enough confidence in themselves.Such life experiences then why not a fortune, but few people dare to do so.The girl in the movie, said: “But for me now, faced with another form of protest, we always have to face the same old-fashioned, and do not know who or what confrontation.”For us, this is no confrontation at all old-fashioned objects, how should I explain it to?Then how to fight it?Maybe when I do not know where the train bound for the station to reach a strange, packed his luggage to get off, and then like a ghost parade in this strange place, you can achieve the kind of confrontation is no target at all.  I climbed back into bed when sleepy hit again, but I think I can safely asleep.Thank you for this morning filled with mist, fog thank poplar, they gave me the opportunity to think, let me quiet a lot of heart.  Yes, I should thank them!    Part II: Chunkun think yesterday morning rain, the cold dawn to light.Weather is too early, not a sunny day, eat breakfast, along a familiar road, walked quietly, quietly think.Rain delicate and tender, less than a dozen windows, and then appoint dust.Although it is bad luck, sweetly not heavy, but the net soot.Thus, by the Department Shandai Water Pik, kiosk order dark silence.Misty light mist, dark days, but wanted to get the most is thinking Passion.  He looked up, looked roughly, but still not see Liu Yan dimple flower.Therefore, among the full charm, it adds a touch of endless meaning, it is difficult Shu worry.Su Tong Qiao wind between bypass, keyed sadly, do pick up the old sad.Because they do not tolerate from Vengeful Cheng Wang, from a final bag is destroyed, silenced back, turned fled.  Always the case, after the slander, will be in a very long time, it is difficult to relieve.Cangyan sparse grass, purple Ikara orange wall, in the dark silence War, always unconscious, uncontrolled grief guided thinking title.Heart Lake are like have been left to stand, morning smoke suddenly between them open, light solution boat, in a flawless stays in the random stem Penny, diffuse back in the communication and Smoke.Nymphoides grass with water just suddenly, all the Tianshan net, no way no thread to the wild before they put out the miss.By this time, no pull-free trip, and then in a knowing, like in the middle picture.  Prosperous Seoul flush waterfowl them open Shen dream, sadly Huihun, although there seems to dream sweet fragrance of (A combustion fast, ephemera net incense) like awe-inspiring.The narrow river here, so did not feel “sunrise rivers and lakes white, green tide to the world”; nor fence grass leisure quiet, well with Dai Wu, naturally less “Liu embankment around the pole by three emerald, Gean to spend a minute pulse Hong, “meaning.Head and at the front stage without coating, the fence outside the threshold, but only return spring grass green, gray color still.Net nightlife mind all back, I think of arrest, bearing in mind the self, but not sigh spring Sheng, who has been the first decline.  Do not say it.Li sense of loss, the only hope is sparse across the cold, net of the “cloud of dust”.    Part Three: Chen Si morning, wash finished go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, saw three little boys walked past carrying a bag in front of me, they should be to a school outside of our campus to study.  A little boy passes around, his hand holding a cup of “alpine grass milk” sweet milk through a straw to inhale his stomach.I was thinking, I drink milk but is to quit eating breakfast, to drink a child is so sweet, heart feel good to do child!  Until just passed them, he heard a “bang” sound into my ears, along came a child hearty laughter.I thought I can not afford shoes cushion my weight, but burst on strike!Not looked down, looked back, step away from children, two steps away from me on the ground and I saw a trampled flat the Milk Cup paralysis on the ground, like a bad elasticity of the spring, after strong pressure, difficult to recover, but slowly save up tummy, want to restore the healthy state before pressure!I was wondering if it would only be a cup of milk and three boys of a similar age boy stood up after being overthrown, we will overthrow him with a little boy fighting to vent their anger.Milk Cup Milk Cup is helpless, only to be stretched to make up slowly stepped off the bones of the body was there, the three boys laughed and walked away, did not mind, I guess they do this sort of thing is often.Children leave, left alone on the floor alone sigh Milk Cup.  A glass of milk, an innocent child, after a small explosion that led to the three boys is happily laugh, smile so happy, so nice.I always hated people littering, but then did not have the slightest feeling of hate children.It touches my heart took a while torrent – so easy to meet the child, but with age, as we age or later years, materialism, desire for power, acquisitiveness.Constantly immersed in our hearts, so that it becomes difficult to meet.Like some women, for the first time boyfriend sent her a plastic ring, the second time she hopes is an iron, the third time she was looking forward to silver, the fourth time she is eager to gold.More after, what their men can not satisfy her desires.In fact, watching the children when innocent stepped burst milk cup and get a great sense of happiness, suddenly felt more adult or child innocence is gone, so I come to a philosophy we are familiar – the longer people gully big desire it more difficult to fill!  Because the child’s passing, I suddenly think of their own when the Chinese New Year this winter – a university student also calculated that a child’s addiction, to the store to buy a box of “wiping the gun”, to a small stream, it is almost a decade rub burning before the crazy firecrackers, but it is so cynical when no childhood, no matter who is still playing in the side of immersion!However, the play “wiping the gun,” as long as people pass me by, I would instantly put “wiping the gun” deeply hidden in his pocket, put on a noble gesture of appreciation gurgling streams, and so far only passers disappear in my field of vision, it sent the “wiping the gun” removed from the bag, rub burning one by one into the river, listening to the cries of a dull sound it emits.I thought it should passers-by do not know but I enjoy playing with firecrackers streams, also mistakenly thought he would want in his heart – a long time in the field study students to go home, really deeply miss home every inch of land, every stream!Now think about that passers-by are not deaf, when I saw him maybe he did see me, and know that reached his ears explosion that I made.And I’m pretending to be noble, he will say in my heart: how will this student so hypocritical, so why twist, huh.I kept thinking they would find themselves along the way the whole cast innocence, and called for a better future, the most pure side completely discarded his heart, inhaled brain is full of earthly and superficial pseudo-state!  Slowly recalled thinking, I finished breakfast, I would still be in residence, and then after that glass of milk explosion, it was found missing Milk Cup.I thought, a hated people littering me why it was painful to see that the struggle when you want to restore the original state, but not readily picked up, thrown into the trash, it does find some partners?Why not pick up?I did not know the answer, now know, because I was afraid that I – a check of garbage!  A picking up trash!It sounds hard to hear, I’m a university student Now, why would I want to pick up trash?But now I really think the same thing next encounter something or someone is not throwing a glass of milk and the like, will be leaned over to pick up and let them find similar homes.Even people who saw me said I was picking up trash does not matter!  Children can be issued for stepping on explosive Milk Cup subtle sound and unlimited pleasure, although I was a university student, why not in the holidays, children with firecrackers to find a happy moment, but also rub burning rub gun or with a few several fireworks lit firecrackers, he heard the sound of an explosion due to the different environments to experience emit different sounds with a long-lost childhood fun of it?