Chen Pu house wine

Our specialty is rice wine popular wine, is brewed liquor.History of brewing rice wine can be traced back 3,000 years ago, it is one of the oldest kinds of wine, wine Qu wine, double fermentation brewing process, its unique quality, taste called a must, and beer, wine, and called the world’s three ancient wine.    Saying that Chen and Huang Pu Song who is a government, a government Huang Huang is the founder of the steamer, but Chen Pu is not the same, his relationship with Huang’s old wine, has nothing to do too much.Chen Pu Song name scholar Zhu Xi is three disciples – the early Song Dynasty astronomers, physicists and educators.He is not Tiger Bay Township rice wine distillery founder, but it is of Wine – Tiger Bay Village, Wenfeng (Shek Tong village) people, so he and Huang rice wine, considered the origin of some.    Chen Pu had a poem: “.If I drunk people Moby Come on in days for the crown, under a ground-shoe.Sometimes drunk CASTLE, Yilan smile unhappy country.Sometimes drunk poetry, clouds fly over the wall snakes.Sometimes drunk dance, lotus spit out of box Moye.”Because he had written ‘drunken poetry’, and vintage wine and produce a yellow house with land, so there are a number of origins.    So, Tiger Bay Township, this place is really Tianbao, old times!Here, the mountain water the United States; good steamer, fragrant rice wine; strong teenager, Nver!    Known as the “Tianshan River, the world Fairy,” the Tiger Bay Township, with an average altitude of 800 meters, it is located in subtropical monsoon climate, distinct wet and dry seasons of hot and cold, large temperature difference between morning and evening, with abundant rainfall, the annual average the temperature at 14.About 7 ℃, it is suitable for the brewing of wine.    Tiger Bay Township to high-quality rice wine, mountain spring water and red Qu as the main raw material, using the traditional manual method of brewing brewed, plus Feng Tan Chen set 3–5 years, retain the traditional winter brew flavor and year the original taste of the wine, brewing refined processes of more than 20, Jiuse clear and transparent, rich mellow taste fresh and soft.I have been to Tiger Bay Township, drink here, “Chen Pu house wine” is really mellow flavor, sweet and refreshing, moderate alcohol, nutritious without top.    Tiger Bay wine production process are: rice – screening – dip – Cooking – spread cold – water – yeast song – off cylinders – fermentation – filling altar – the press – to clarify – temperature wine – Chen reservoir – semi-finished products – Finished.First rice soaked for 12 hours after washout dry the washed steamer, and then sieved share cool, dry it off the cylinder; jars After washing, a significant proportion of water falling into Qu (100 pounds finished wine, glutinous rice 40?50 kg, with Qu 3.5?4 kg of water at 65?72 kg).Next, the rice was immersed, with stirring, to the fermentation liquor to sink material.40-50 days, from the cylinder press, clarification, and after a further two-cylinder, cooking wine to 80 degrees heat, then sealed in clay jars port, storage, processing opened three years later to the standard yellow house wine.    Huang old wine from the finest rice, plus high-quality mountain spring water and yeast Qu, heavy traditional wine brewing techniques – that is, after the first time will lead the wine, then wine as water to brew, brewed out of the wine after repeated , alcohol intoxicated sweet, soft and alcohol, called rice wine in the top grade, people food for thought, “Chen Pu house wine” is brewed using this brewing method weight.    As the saying goes, “wine is easy to keep hard liquor,” The village people also summed up a set of traditional wine storage method is to brew good wine into jars, cover with the lid sealed with mud and chaff with wine after the altar surrounded by lit, so the wine is slowly heated to a certain temperature, and then buried in the ground.Huang brewing rice wine After several Tibetan buried, the number of years since become the old wine.Said that when Chen Pu Lao Chen is very like that of wine, often drunk and poetry.    Later, Chen left the Cape Shek Tong Po living in the village, after the death of 84-year-old burial site stone Tangcun.There are elegant say, Chen Pu future generations has been a mystery, Shek Tong village not even a descendant of Chen.Later gratitude for their countryman Yin, set up the tomb to worship.Today, Tiger Bay Township will Huang old wine named “Chen Pu house wine” and wanted to cherish the memory of the sages of it!