Chau into the new museum kiss our ancestors

REVIEW watching this show, I was suddenly sprouted a bold idea, so that the group of friends, along Confucius route to re-tell their story, to embrace their lives, feel their life.    New Island Museum is near my house, I’m both familiar and unfamiliar.It is a familiar face dressed in bronze, ancient mystery and spectacular; strange is that I do not know this mysterious palace, which was admitted to our ancestors.Since the hall has been no opportunity to go into the door to the museum.That door in my eyes, as if through a time tunnel.Once they step into the door, you can shake hands with our ancestors, able to listen to the ancestors left us a moving story.  Honor today, and can CPPCC literature and history experts and scholars to visit some of the play, I round a dream, kiss my ancestors, am proud and glad.  The new museum is located Zhu Island City Museum Road intersection east of the city, covers an area of 40 acres, the main museum building area of 3,000 square meters, the exhibition area of 1400 square meters.The museum displays a strong local characteristics, perennial opened for free.If not in person today, this imposing building, I’m afraid that in my eyes, would be set aside as a simple mixture of steel and concrete, some artifacts Xinfen.  At the meeting, Xie Guanzhang told us about the museum from mid-1994 to build the site to a difficult process of free and open, not let people move here.Xieguan Zhang personally led us to visit three exhibition halls, the “Xinzhou collection of historical relics on display,” “cares academy historical exhibition”, “Youth patriotic education picture special exhibition on display” and “special exhibition on display scientific knowledge”.One of the most appealing to me is the “Wenjin College historical exhibition”, it “cares historical heritage, promote Confucian culture” as the theme to history as the sequence, featuring a large number of data Shi Zhiwen was divided history, character images, poetry , the story of the legendary four parts on display on display.  After reading this exhibition, I was suddenly sprouted a bold idea, so that the group of friends, along Confucius route to re-tell their story, to embrace their lives, feel their life.The group’s chairman Yu Wenxiang is a living Confucius, he refined erudition, the text full of air, amiable, born share of Confucius temperament, age is just similar to the Confucius year, starred Confucius, very appropriate; Huang ya director educated car, deep study of history, erudite, playing proud disciple of Master – Zi, is simply a perfect match; the extraordinary intelligence ax sister, the group is to star in a large number of people, I can not help but sigh, and more good resources ah!If the interpretation of the story can turn into a video shoot, it would be what kind of results, and my heart that the United States Yeah, really the United States grew more and more!  Our new continent 3,000 years of history and culture, and if the story can be collected along the way are really a great asset.Let those beautiful and full of wisdom in the story of each of our school, every child at heart spread, so that our generations, children and grandchildren, about our local history, love our home, so that more people Learn new continent, into the homes of our history, kiss our ancestors, our ancestors created brilliant civilization sentiment, for now, this should be no longer a distant dream.  Wing Island Museum, New black hat Pathetic gas spirit, Yuli east view of ancient and modern.  Pines and cypresses accompany around, Xiaoying all four guest.  Poem: [Editor: Can children]