Part One: wistful elegy West Wing hurt, Shigin bursts desolate.Penned play the scent of ink, consider leaving Gu Jun.Black hair into snow vast, desolate read past night.Ages of, this raw emotion long.- Inscription listening to familiar songs, hum Yin my love at the moment.  Yanjuan, fans sit, look at the window, snowy night filled the air, quiet thoughts.  Under definite shape, fascinating piece.  The scent of ink at the mercy not only I Love War.  Consider the place, looking out the window.  Obsessed with the immediate scene, in front of white jade, quietly in front of.  Such a snowy night, his thoughts long, lips not help but close that window.  Kiss, this moment.Kiss, this world of War.  Crimson Moonlight, how sad is some vast.Twilight snow capped, How can it hurt my heart alone.  Black hair like snow, emotions disconsolate.  Jun shows, off I love this life, read the.  How can this vast white than I do at this time of mourning.  Vertical is swirling, but chilling, sad hurt.  For ages I just hope conscience Jun Xi, Gu friend.  If I face old age, the king and geometry.  Think of this, sigh confused.  Former Yilan alone, Wang Jin vast desolate, Iraqis hurt fascinating, tough job faced.    Part II: I am fascinated season always felt that the fall season is a charismatic, not impetuous spring, summer is not warm, not cold in winter.Should fall as a dignified woman, Wen Wendian elegant, intellectually mature, mellow stable, rich in content.Share of graceful charm, worthy intentions of experience, a great atmosphere.  This time the temperature hovering around ten degrees up and down, not too cold nor too hot, do not wrapped like dumplings like, do not have to bear the heat of the sun baked, well-being suitable, moderate temperature, just right.Deep sky, such as washing, clouds lofty relaxed, pleasant and clean air is the kind of fresh, unlike the summer, is full of wet sticky taste, unlike the winter chill like a sharp knife to cut the general human skin tear.Everything is just right, comfortable people have a too extravagant idea.  The wind is very capable, very startled, involuntary bracing.Yellow leaves in autumn of this disease into, reluctant to embrace detached from the tree, turn a piece of litter.Spinning round and round children, turned over the roll child, turning circle, and finally gather together under the tree on the ground.Pairs of all kinds of shoes gradually stepping over, click, click, Cui Xiang issued, it is the leaves of the tendons and broken voice, just passers-but hurry, this is not going to go listen to the chant of life.There are also individual blade looks Zhou Zheng, was gently picks up one pair of young hand, bouncing in children, the innocence of the moment led cheered flying.Nightlife net fall for the mountains, the yield is helpless.That old flourishing life weather, the mountain must be the sweetest memories!For example, the once lush trees, for example, that once on a variety of wild flowers in full bloom skirt sleeve of a robe, such as that used to sleep on the skin of vegetation, there was a flying bird singing children, those in the forest jumping shuttle small animals, as well as those at the end of the food chain of small humble life.All in all, let the mountain have vivid plump, explains Marie.Today, autumn decisive lifted a heavy makeup and flashy mountain, the mountain also burst Jinsi burst of autumn, Samsam thinner.Once paid too much hustle and bustle let mountain, the mountain also need to recharge your batteries, temporary precipitation, but also to the foot of a magnificent sublimation planted foreshadowing.  This season, the main melody is always busy.After the planting season, the breeding season, this time, the harvest is ripe things.Fields full of labor figure, people enjoy the sweet taste of the harvest, happy and satisfied.Golden corn on the cob children, heavy sorghum ear children, grinning children of large pods children, there was a hidden underground bright sweet potato, bulging clusters of clusters of peanuts, all in full mature attitude waiting for the harvest.That a bunch of a bunch of red fruit hanging from the branches of red, scented, emitting a seductive sheen in the sunlight.Yes, only this season, will have such exuberant vitality; only this season, will have such great returns!As long as there is sowing hard, as long as meticulous care, as long as there is patiently waiting, everything comes naturally.  Which is not a season make me so comfortable!No heat in boredom, nor the cold anxiety, mind suddenly all of a sudden, look sunny, listen to the birds chirp Ming, clean air permeability, the water crystal clear.I sincerely love this season, wishful thinking love, stubborn love, love autumn gradually depression, love quietly gathering autumn, our seasonal cycle is not immune to the laws of nature, it is precisely because of this season season trek and wait, have had personal experiences and feelings, I will cherish my love, will understand its true meaning, to enjoy its charm.  I love fall!Wander, enjoy it.    Part Three: Mid-Autumn Festival longing to return home, the village saw a new look, and felt very happy.Roadside suffer a neat garden, the garden of colorful flowers, bloom, and there are not lonely autumn.Village road hardened, that the world did not rain too hard for my new shoes.Courtyard arrangement uniform, wall also painted yellow, very bright.There slogan written on the wall “to promote harmonious economic growth, building a new countryside.”Exquisite calligraphy beautiful, flamboyant, eloquent, I could not help but stop and enjoy some.This is not what the city park?Think of villagers sitting here chatting scene in his spare time, can not help but fascinated.  And I saw the mother had stood at the door, saw me and the children quickly meet up.I also go to catch up.Have not been home for six months, his mother said again and again, you look at this rain, quickly entered the room, do not get wet.  After the meal his mother had prepared, she urged me to go to bed, covered with blankets and personally for me.”Mother said,” This is just the day before the sun off, rain and more likely to commit tide.You have often drying quilts, small children, can not see the moisture to diarrhea.”Her words remind me not come down.What sun sun?Where he had put the sun.It said in the past, always sun on the balcony, although there are canopy covered her, the sun finally came through, now booing, people across the balcony built a six-story building, the interval but four or five meters where there is sun shadow.Look at front of the building, one after another, the size varies, just standing there in the building a few days in different colors, swagger.  I heard that this is a small developers who engage farmers out of land, a certain area of the house, and that house prices far below the large real estate company, just completed on a shot.Low around households, cottage or floor, only the copies complain.Moment I grumble, the normally accumulated depressed onto her mother.”I knew, was to buy high.”Mother says with a sigh.  Afternoon rain stopped.We sat next to finish in front of the flower, small talk.Garden, mother every kind of vegetables, green one.This is the color green manure pollution-free food ah.Suddenly think he can have a little vegetable garden, the plant some vegetables can be arbitrary, without pesticides, do not worry about what the remaining.This time around the former reported food safety Sylvia shocking ah.