Charm of Literature

If I use the whole space to demonstrate “Literature is attractive,” such a topic, not only to you, even I think this is doing something stupid, a stupid, stupid behavior.So my article, just a little longer provide such a great argument for the proposition, even though the topic of argument libraries such as sea-ho, do not need nobody do not care a spit spit.But more than one is never too much, more than a grain sea or sea.    I spit it has a direct relationship with a fairy tale.You certainly heard and felt ridiculous, to talk about the heart that literary fiction poetry drama stood there most times prose aside, just happens to talk about fairy tales.You also do not look down fairy tale, of course, look down it does not matter, I’ve had a similar sentiment, I am also fascinated by the last two months was a fairy tale, and amended the inherent bias of the fairy tale ever held.    This fairy tale called “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” An old red wheat country to write.Professional relationship, I am reading “The Emperor’s New Clothes” no less than twenty times, for about twenty times the convenience tentatively considered it.Former times – I took less than nineteen days of time to read, because my school is still not slow the speed of reading a text-to-day.Read twenty times I spent nearly two months, that is, from now to write the date traced back to mid-April.Reading the nineteenth times when honest I am not optimistic in this fairy tale, I think poor old Ann cooked up the plot: metamorphosis of the emperor, not clever liar, disloyalty, the Minister did not say the truth, echoed Xiao Chen and the people (do not rule out their hearts to tell the truth a thousand times, the results themselves tired of hearing), a child telling the truth.The plot is how conspire together?I do not see any inherent logic.We say good I may not say good, because without my heart what I certification all exclusion and denial.And I was born stupid, some classics be honest I do not read, let alone spiritual certified.”The Emperor’s New Clothes” plain text, I think I read it to understand, but in the mind there is not pass the test.    But in mid-April, Ji Ling I “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” there is a feeling, Sesame sobering.An old vision is sometimes made up of all a matter of course, he took me into a magical situation.It makes me have a point of this text mean Xianyihouyang.    Press the “Emperor’s New Clothes” for the time being is not the table, Miller says in mid-April, on the 11th or 12th it, showed me such a broke the news on the phone: Qidong City, Jiangsu Province Huilong High School sophomore student named Jiangcheng Bo , during a routine speech at the flag, the teacher changed the speech prepared in advance, and so replaced the existing studies and criticized the education system: “according to the survey, Chinese children computing power in the world, the ability to create the world’s first countdown..”” The taste of education, learned to what use it?How can that go to college?How to find a job.”” We are not machines, even machines, the school does not think of us as an instrument to pursue enrollment rate!”” Is this what we are to accept the result of 16 years of education do?We can not just ideal for parents and work, should have their own ideals.”” Now life is not what we want, this taste of education, we have learned what?That is, what can we do go to college?”.I read this entry in the message of the moment, the Messengers of God and the Jiangcheng Bo fairy tale telling the truth child together, hey, age changed, the situation has changed, if the content has changed.Change, change, change, listen to the identity of the change, the people there, there has been little official, minister appeared, the emperor appeared, really like something else.Wood has just a liar, not to coin a Qi?    Friends novels a bit of experience necessarily agree on this argument: one thing, a scene, a news can trigger a story of inspiration.No wonder the novel idea from one thing, a scene, a man of view, been to displacement, deformation, zooming, lend, exchange, coin.Physical or chemical treatment, coupled to straighten decoration, is a novel.This is the basic technology for the novel, but it is important trigger.I would like to security in old red wheat country must have experienced a similar scenario this.Of course, he said he witnessed the scene Huilong secondary school, listened to speeches at the flag High School student named Jiangcheng Bo is equally acceptable.In order to increase Cipian charm of small text, I also wish to use the process through modern means of the image of romance about the old fairy tale creation of safe Cipian.A play thing.    He queued in a corner of the park in the small eyes opened wide efforts.Someone walking trails to and fro.People, flowers, trees, bees, butterflies, birds, now in his eyes all a blur.These have inspired him countless creative inspiration “source of this” today, how are ambiguous, lingering, but could not catch it?Cuigao as persistently urge.Over there a bench, a bench top shape says “Summer Palace” three text boxes on the rail.Oh, it’s a wonderful country, the country staged a number of thing every day, chiefly Kiki.Previous “donkey” plan, there it failed to do so, too bad.Walked over, sat down on a bench, hand touched “Summer Palace” three squares text, he fell asleep..Sleepwalk he heard a lecture, wake up unexpectedly vivid, amazing, too realistic.There, there is a writable.There have been people, there have been minor official, minister appeared, the emperor appeared, really like something else.Wood has just a liar, not to coin a Qi?Called “Emperor’s New Clothes” it.And “Thumbelina” get together yesterday, is the number of articles?An old habit scratched some shiny forehead, Rulvpingdi.An old balding.Na have to seize the time, the old Ann himself.Our old Ann a positive interest in the “process” in his dream world it.You say that this romance is not really like that thing?    Anyway, this is a fairy tale, I realized the important perspective of children, and indulge in the wonderful mind of the child.Really.The world really can not do without children.    In mid-April 2012, a day when, in reading phone message that moment, my perception of this transparent there, but I did not immediately start writing.I thought: If once in a while, I forget this, then Benpian about the charm of literature imaginary pure nonsense, old Ann is nonsense.But in the last two months in the past, I not only did not forget, but the benefits of deep impression, reaching afflicted, a lump in the throat to speak out point.So I firmly believe that I am not nonsense, nonsense is not old Ann.    To this article cause you is not recognized me say?