Charity, lip stains common people

Earth is a blue water polo, only the sea covers an area of more than 70%.    Mankind is a product of water, which accounts for more than 70% of the average weight of the human body.From “Tears to the sea”, not a moment out of water.    Some people say China is a “hill country”, Chinese culture is down from the hills.But the “mountain culture” into the “water culture”, even today, a large Chinese culture “territories” are also immersed in the water; Shanfanjiujian to today’s modern Chinese, “Water” do Chinese radicals or symbols member there are 527, which is the largest constitute a radical Chinese characters, of which 150 with “Rui” characters and a variety of activities directly related to human survival.Nightlife net because of his talent and less learning, understanding of the emotional than rational water.The deepest feelings of those who are threefold: First home creek river water.Each mountain stream, are each string jitter Angel bell ringing day and night with the sounds of nature; each pulse of the mountains and rivers, is a surging of life, endless time to Beng stood Huolizhiyuan.Whenever I stand barefoot crystal clear streams, the calf is occasionally small fish kiss collision, the sliding foot is silky water, sensing the itching due to the fine sand triggered surging under their feet, I will really understand what is attached to the skin of the pro.    Second, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong water.Unique karst structure, so that there’s snow-capped mountains, valleys, forests distinctive, especially in layer upon layer of different sizes and shapes of the ladder lake, pari-mutuel and other calcified landscape, unique in the world.They are created with different variations of the surrounding landscape and the reflection angle of the sun, changing the colored splendor, color and color inserts and grounding incredible, superb, the people interpretation of what is “beautiful”.    Third, when I faced the vast water of the Atlantic Ocean heart shock.I deeply feel their own insignificance and poor language, and did not express an appropriate language, just quietly let the tears flow with wonder, awe and helplessness, and my heart fell into a deep pondering Mr. Liu Zaifu “read sea” sentence: I took thousands of miles back and forth hunger, with long years of yearning hunger for a long time, reading the waves, shimmering reading, reading misty smoke Tao, read the text from the blue sky outside the rolling of thunder as the sound emitted white punctuation.I’m open-minded, breathing the sea fragrance very strong wind, I began to enjoy the contents of the books raging, surging emotions, great and deep philosophy.I know that the sea is an ancient books, ancient incredibly.In order to accumulate into the sea, it took a full billion years.Billions of years of accumulation, the idea of billions of years, billions of years of earth and sky suck milk and tears.Majestic, giant roll across the world ah!Who in their limited life, do you read it the connotation of unlimited?    Water is a human enlightenment was all the world’s ancient civilizations profound contact with water.This common substance water Ziyu life of life, but also to human wisdom.As early as 2500 years ago, the Western philosopher Pythagoras said, “things” of water ranks first, Eastern philosophy, “Long Road” I put into their own wisdom to water, water to symbolize that he respected the sacred “Road”.Confucian sage Confucius looked at the vast flood excitement constantly shouted, “Holy Water!Holy water!”Expressed admiration wonderful.    Confucius in answer Gong “gentleman must see flood watch, I do not know what to pay attention to” problem plays a macro theory for water: “Water’s husband, a gentleman than Germany Yan.”Gentleman water own virtue analogy, the water throughout the world, there is no favoritism, like moral gentleman; wherever water, all nourishment, like a gentleman kindness; aqueous downwardly Conforming, like a gentleman’s sense of justice; shallow then pop, then deep mishap, like the wisdom of a gentleman; baizhang water rushed into the abyss, without hesitation, like a gentleman brave; aqueous weak flexible, meticulous, like the gentleman sees well; the water was filth, not sometime silent, like a gentleman inclusive; suffered unclean water, and finally to clarify, like the gentleman Shanhua; water into the measure and maintain the level of integrity like a gentleman; water freezes first-served basis, not greedy, like the gentleman of modest; water going through twists and turns, After all, the east, like a gentleman’s ambition.It is so, so the gentleman can not see the sea on unobservable.    On the water Taoist ancestral I, it is concise, eternal farewell: “charity, RESOURCES things without contention, all of the evil, it is nearest to the channel.When the Home of good land, good heart deep, with good kernel, articulate letters, is good governance, good things can be, moving good.Husband does not contend, so no particular person.”Lao Tzu Chi life skills, like water, candles, soft and Liverpool.”There is Mo weak in water, while being able to win crucial Mo strong.Its nothing to Yi.Weak wins strong, supple just the wins, the world I do not know Mo, monensin line.”The qualities of water ‘poetic philosophy’ is a kind of wisdom, giving it a clear insight into the existence of a fundamentally wisdom.Survival such as water, in order to win just soft, David and Goliath.I taste the water pursuit of survival is expressed by students, quiet, soft, weak, characterized by its poetic of.    Well versed in the political strategy of the generation of British Lord Emperor face water survival realize the wisdom of the monarch: “The king of the boat, the people still water, water can carry a boat, can also overturn it.”.Chinese people in history footprint suffered a lot, the accumulation of a lot in order to survive the wisdom of water The reflection of the Jin saying: “to plug does not flow, more than not,” This is Han Yu found on the survival of; “water does not rot, a door Hinge does not Stick, “which is that this is” Lu “survival experience of the Spring and Autumn; ‘although the water level, there must be waves, although a positive balance, there must be poor’, which is the degree of certainty and survival realized;” distant water can not put out a nearby fire ” and difficult to illness, leeward and relaxation far from easy to follow the flow ‘, that is the reason the wisdom of living space;’ life difficult for water ‘, that is the loss of innocence will not come back.Audio Bible wisdom will survive is tough.Water are all the phases of life, living wisdom really untold water yo.    ”There are no bad people, there is no water in the world.”.Today, the Chinese people to carry forward the tradition of the best choice in the selection has been living wisdom of our ancestors say: “Do not leave the good.”Child in Kawakami said:” lost time!Around the clock.”