Part One: Under the moonlight silence, little bit of chaos thoughts ears always like beating melancholy, sentimental and hard to forget, people knew it fell in love with it that night sit-in wooden bench, looking at the slightest released into the atmosphere of the moon, the melancholy heart.Say perfect love in the moonlight, I do not know how many may journeying to wait hidden in the shadow of the moon, alone licking the wounds that have not healed!Looking forward, looking forward to that occasional deviation of a ray, such as the Light cure, comfort TV drama ailing heart, bringing little bit of hope.May is beautiful, natural and with no modification, always had sketched out thoughts of screen blinding people.And yet it gives a hint of the idea to always contain a bit Xi Yi, thinking she would come back the hearts of.Stared, month or so touching.The sky the stars have fallen, and only for the month against the background of beautiful, sweet.Looking at the nascent buds, not always feel what’s called stubborn, just a trace of mercy life bar!The pale moonlight, disorderly mind flashed information unconsciously spring.The spring, the flowers that bloom, the flowers are blooming season always soak into the depths of their hearts, come to realize pleasure together.Why can not my nose is too ethereal wild flowers, is no heart throbbing, still clinging to the past to look back.Or silent sitting, thinking, I do not know or in the memory of the Imagination.Think of the memory of the dead, extravagant hope of a better tomorrow there is a hissing!A burst of cold wind gently across!In the end is early spring ah, the remains of a winter atmosphere, wrapped in a wrap skirt, turned, and walked pace, waltz back into the room.  Monthly, she was so beautiful, so sultry heart.    Part 2: The chaos of my life, for you I, a breeding ground, the fall, the sky glowing clarity, and blue to the pain.I very much hope it rains, but that touch of clear sky always laughed at me as indifferent.So, I can only be in my heart, let it heavy rain, flooding, always quiet and peaceful expression.Nightlife Network she finally chose to go, and she considered fleeing the home grass nest.Turning back toward the group that thinks she is happy flame.Some of course, leaving you just turned one year old, and destitute, I had each other.  Everyone said she was a bad woman, is a cruel mother, without virtue wife.But very strange, but I did not imagine that she hated.She and I, because life combined, because life is separated, as had a dream, wake up all attributed to the origin.Only some thin memories, and you.I did not even try to retain, I am not qualified to be a stumbling block ahead of her.So, I resigned to accept this outcome.  But, looking at your arms a little, infinite guilt.I’m sorry, baby, because Daddy’s incompetence, can not give you a full house.However, I still will try to make you become the world’s most well-being of children.  Second, the baby, sometimes, I am grateful to God, let me have you.When I was tired, look at you, the whole body as if there has been a never-ending effort.Watching you from toddler stumble, to run toward my arms, from babbling to articulate shouted Dad.I like the world’s richest men, has a priceless treasure trove that you.  I know, I’m just a clumsy migrant workers, I did not technology, not capital.This stress efficiency in the city’s loss to looking for a small place, and also stands bullied.But that does not stop me give all your love.I started out to make money, earlier than roosters, sleep later than dogs.I know that in this world, no money, unable to move.I want to earn a lot of money, you can afford to give a stable life, which is as a father, I only can do for you.  I was able to fill his stomach on day two meals on the trip, but I guarantee you will have to eat three meals a day, all year round I could wear a suit of clothes, and broke up, but I must assure you every season there are new clothes to wear, not cold erosion.I can stand being accused of insulting others pointed nose, but you are not allowed to be the slightest grievance, even if it is said to shield their mistakes too, not quality.  I send you went to school, the best school in the city.I ask a lot of people, send a lot of ceremony, and pay expensive tuition fees, and finally send you into it.Others can not understand.In fact, I just do not want to let you step my footsteps, became controversial on those second-generation migrant workers community.I think that one day, you can settle down in the city, not me like a father, wandering.  Third, children, and sometimes, you have to make me feel bad sensible.I know that children learn in the middle of those cities, you will certainly be some low self-esteem, after all, my father is no extra money to buy you a brand name, buy KFC.I even do not you recognize me in school psychological preparation.  That rainy day, when I hurried down from the site, wearing shabby clothes to pick you up, you’re still my father shouted and ran, and I embrace the dirty, completely ignoring the students around weird eyes, I suddenly kind of the urge to cry, just as a man, I still hold back, sighed softly, a little you could have such a sensible.  Back messy home, light hand you pick up the broom and began sweeping.He looked at me for a moment, hesitantly.I saw it and asked you, you spoke slowly.You say you sang a music teacher to teach you is called “the world only a good mother,” the song, all the students look to you, look inside compassion, mercy and you do not need to, because you have the world’s most good father.But in the end, you still ask out.You say: Dad, Mom in the end gone, why I have never seen her?  Children, this is the first time you asked your mother about things, but also carefully watching my face.In fact, I know from the neighborhood fragmented words, you already know the truth, that I went to lie about her from afar, had to go too.You just do not want to mention his father’s grief, he has to endure now.  Children, in fact, your mother, she came to see you.Sometimes I pick you up, she stood in the corner of the school, will be looking at you, until we come a long way, and I could feel her eyes.She did not come to recognize your reasons, I think, because it guilt.Children, in fact, your mom, she still loves you.Do not hate her, you little hearts should be filled with love.There should be no hate.  Fourth, they fall into a still autumn.I just think, your heart should be under a heavy rain it.  When I brought it to you in front of her, give her your hand, tell you, she is your mother, so you follow her, you took down mercilessly her hand, looked at me bitterly, He went to the room door closed, my heart inexplicable pain, but had to do so.  Children, as I told you, I fell in love with a woman I want to marry her, but she does not want to burden you this.I raised you for so many years, for my future happiness, you have to sacrifice yourself right.I paid so much, this is the time for you to enjoy the.Watching you kept crying, my heart in the blood.However, I still said, kept saying.I want you to hate me.I even brought back a makeup woman, to tell you that she.  You simply sinking heart, how can I bear this blow.Have you packed your stuff, just a touch of said something to me: Well, I go.I followed her and never looking back.  Do not look back worth mentioning that you can not see, can not see your eyes always been a strong father, actually in tears.Good-bye, my baby.  I do not ever want to hate your mind, but finally had planted the hate.  Five children, forgive my father lied to you again.I am sorry for you, even a stable life also can not afford to give you a.  Perennial tired and malnourished, had caused the collapse of my body.Almost every night, after you’re asleep, I will quietly climbs up to the door, in fact, just because I wanted to cough, you do not want to wake.I do not want you to know, my father’s illness has come to the point of hemoptysis.I want to take the final time, to continue to earn more money, after I go, you can still live a stable one o’clock.  When she found me and told me that you wanted to raise, because her current husband, the wealthy unable to have children, want to have a son to inherit the family property, I actually relieved, relaxed promised.From then on I just want you to be able to live a good life, and I, who have been unable to give you a.  I know that she also loves you, no matter where she’ll take you, I told her, can not let you be the slightest grievance.And she had made a vow, though she vows not necessarily credible, but I chose to believe a mother’s heart.  As long as you properly, what face, what dignity, in fact, nothing but a virtual object.What you secure than I do too?  Six children, I seem to feel myself go, this life of chaos, and finally come to an end.Children, I still have some fit you, but there is no way.I can only pray to heaven, God will use this chaos owe my life, you secure it in exchange for your.  If one day, even if you do not know the truth no longer hate me, you really grow up, then I can rest assured.However, I do not see that day.  If my next life, I want to be your father.At that time, I will have the ability to use my arms, as you build the warmest side of the wall, as you shelter from the storm.  my darling.