Changed everything off

Part One: changed everything off when we are still crazy college life wasted our time and dreams left sailed on a track where is our youth vane set things right at all absurd, absurd creeping in forward, those perverted picture of the network is absurd reaction is it a new generation of college students living?Those with a dream, after a painful three-year high school years, living to the university this “paradise ” it is destined to go into history?  - Inscription from day accustomed to using copy and paste to express their feelings, starting from one day to get accustomed to feeling a strange place that day do not want to pay any attention from the outside world.There is no reason for the habit, perhaps this is the growth of the price.  Listening to music, pounding the keyboard, looking at the text highlights, but do not know what to say.A variety of reasons, and so forth.  Huhututu, the first phase of the University of slipped away so fast.Reflect on for a long time, this is called college life?And what I think is what university life?The answer can not be found, replaced by a sense of loss spread in the hearts.Just came to college, everything is fresh, for a better future, hope-filled hearts, warm, and actively participate in some organized activities, of course, in these processes, the harvest is there.  But after a warm period, confused and unsettled nature connected to, also will gradually lose the passion.School day, back to the dorm, turn on the computer, sleep, over and over again or library, or participate in some activities, the world seems to have been confined in these places and could not find a place to expand.  Have the urge to learn, but could not find the motivation to learn; to say good things to do, but it has been delayed; that good must change, has refused action; buy books, for freshness will open look, but has since been gathering dust; accustomed to using words to castigate themselves, but inadvertently become a slave to words.Gradually he found that he was no longer himself, wanted to find his own, but powerless.I ask, where is your heart in the early?Where is your ideal world it again?  Always wanted a lot of time there, and believe that youth is still always feel tomorrow and then still have time to change, but do not even have noticed an inert become a habit, but it is so difficult to want to change.Always thought he was a man of great perseverance and perseverance, a touch is maintained outside interference of man, but after that, I found myself really need to re-understanding and self-correct what.Admittedly, the man is a kind of inert animal, but who is also an intellectual, thinking animals, so I want to change, everything is too late.  In the past and not the future but also to recover.Did not go sad, because I am optimistic; do not want to lose, because the heart is still early; not just because of elegance comes from habit; do not have to be the princess, because everyone has their own position; not lose their dignity, because every individuals are noble.Cogito ergo sum.  Past music sounded, I began nostalgic.Not good, not good.  Ideas off.The pick up from where it?  My mind flashed words: “I came to this world is happy to firm.”So, a good go, do not change the beginning of the heart, in order always.    Part II: Dongmochunchu changed everything off, misty rain, shrouded campus.I walk on campus trails, gently laid-back pace.Drizzle thick twill, hair wrapped around the eyes, rain falling in hazy eyes, raised his eyes, in front of a familiar silhouette, it is – I vigorous primary school friend, who, in the sweet-scented osmanthus trees, take phone, wearing headphones, headphone cable fall to clothes, hair is very elegant, slightly Xiepiao forehead wisps of hair, dressed in casual wear, looks more mature now than before, but less innocent, share of real.Those around me friends have become a sportsman influx of women, his mouth hanging them is a proper noun that person belongs layer.Scattered, changed, people have changed.I can not find a better time, leaving me a hero, alone interpretation of sorrow.Chaotic world, filled with people that can not escape the atmosphere, they accepted the atmosphere, but I live in this gas barrier layer edge clear space.I miss, miss the once beautiful, but it only left me back, back that far and near, let me elusive.Brushed aside those vanity, watch the sunset interpretation of those in the past.Part Three: changed everything off, the first tears flow like language Time flies, youth goes.Blink of an eye five years have passed, sit down, calm think the past rainy season, emotion implied pale worry, but reminisce.  Was young, but innocent, you and I met, is the edge!Nightlife net from you when I was transferred to classes where we know each other, but the teacher arrangement, brought us to become front and rear seat, so already have met the prerequisites.Next there be a natural acquaintance, but things are often contrary to the original, you are eager to learn + I = inward to ruin us the opportunity to communicate with each other.Over time, the same table you could not understand this embarrassing situation, so, I have come to know each other, began the initial phase of the exchange.  Through the exchange period, I did not know you were the kind of girl with a boy character, but sometimes they love like a baby, you question things very seriously, especially towards learning; you are very diligent, so your results are always so remarkable.Remember, there is a learning problem, I would ask you, and you kind of earnest enthusiasm to treat the problem, is my favorite, which I most admire.  In this way, we slowly get acquainted with, and sometimes really talk about anything.It was sophomore, one day during recess time, forget what reason, you and I said draw mark on your arm, a long time to disappear, and when they speak, on his arm and drew a really thus, due not believe, I also drew a on his arm, but did not you kind of “effect”.I ask you what ah.You said it is a disease (I do not know that in the end is not a disease), still had to be contagious, because the instinct, I shrink the start, and this cup action you see it, in case I was not prepared, you hand caught my arm, shouting that infect give me, I hold your hand to block (later, I reflect, I caught your hand will not contagious?O (∩_∩) O haha?Why was no thought ah) is probably aware that these actions too sudden, we shoved withdrew his hand, and was seen at the scene of some students, then later, they heard you handled my “scandal”.But now we seem to think the time of rainy season there is a prevalence of juvenile “goodwill to each other”, but does not seem to, because we have never been confirmed.  Later we have been replicated like our high school life, sometimes we as a joke and laughing, sometimes we will quarrel article.I remember you and I say you must see “green shoots”, then you and I were reading a book, and then express their views on one of the articles, sometimes wonder we feel would be so consistent, sometimes because of disagreements with each other and fierce arguments.This is what we have in sophomore bitter sweet life.  But did not last long ah, because of exam-oriented education, beginning in the third year, we will be re-adjusted as you are honors, was transferred to the front row, and I’m in the next and so on, can only go behind you, so we separated friends.When separated, we do not have so much to speak of the past, just to say a few words.You just stay in my notebook the sentence: changed everything off, the first tears flow like language.At that time I really did not understand what this means, but I was feeling absolutely profound than this.At the time, I seem to have left you a word: want.With each other’s comments, as we separate from, but due to the busy third year of life, we have no AC.  Now I think that message when separated, may be hazy sense among us that when young men and women, are hidden in those words in.But in the end we did not tell each other, just treat it as a sweet but bitter memories of youth.  Rainy season passed away, passed away during the rainy season, but the kind of hazy feeling forever sealed my heart, not dead.Because it is a symbol of our youth are our future memories of youth.  Postscript: I do not know is blessed, or fate entirely, and now you go to school with me in Wuhan, but we have nothing too much contact, may be that we have grown up, could not find the kind of feeling at the time, and it also diluted in rainwater into the soil, since it can not take root.  Men passed away during the rainy season.