Adversity overcome their minds

Heard a wise man talked about a fable: a long time ago, God saw that the sea was too lonely, we decided to build fish to add vitality.Meanwhile, in order to solve their balance pressure fish and sea, he gave each fish’s body placement of a bladder.But all of a sudden walk naughty shark disappeared, and it has no swim bladder placement.God some regret: Let the poor guy fend for themselves!    Several years later, God would like to see the living conditions of the fish, he called all the fish come.God asked: Who is your original shark?At this point, a big fish swam up and said: I am the shark!God was surprised and asked: you do not have a swim bladder, why can survive, but also so fierce Meng strong?Shark says: because there is no swim bladder, so you must keep swimming to maintain the body’s balance and reduce stress, because I have no choice but to survive in the most difficult environment, and therefore the most powerful honed!    This story gives us insights are: the face of difficulties, the final success or failure does not depend on a lot of difficult times the size, but depends on the attitude of the difficulties we face.Life is not all easy to go in the end, the rough face of adversity, the first may be defeated is not the body, but the people’s will.    A small village in the highlands of Ethiopia, Afghanistan Luxi, there is a little boy under his arm textbooks every day, running barefoot to school and back home.His home from school full 10 kilometers away.The family was so poor that he can not have the luxury to go to school by car.So, in order not to be late to class, he can only choose to run to school.Every day he ran all the way, and he accompanied the gorgeous sunset in addition to the morning dew and the cool highlands, as well as ear, but after the wind Hu Xiao.    Today, this once run school textbooks tucked the little boy in the long-distance race in the world, has broke the world record 15 times, making it the world’s best long-distance runners.He is 海尔格布雷 Syrah Gebrselassie.Since then often tucked the book runner, so he remained in the later game, one arm than to the other lift was slightly higher and closer to the body still retains came running posture is sandwiched textbooks.    If not, poverty and misery, can not pride the achievements of today’s world track and field.Whenever 海尔格布雷 Syrah Gebrselassie recalled the scene when the boy, he was always great emotion: I want to thank poverty and misery.Other parents have a car, you can pick them to school, movie theater or a friend’s house.And I was poor, I have no choice but running to school, but a feeling of joy and happiness.    Visible, suffering is not terrible, terrible thing is that you do not realize the suffering itself contains endless opportunities.If you think it is a subtraction problem, then you already know the answer to it, it will subtract all your everything, including life; if you think it’s an addition, then the calculation result is probably a very large number of.    A car accident fell from the sky, so that he lost an eye, a leg work and survival.Fate will be 49 years old, he brutally pushed to the edge of the cliff of life.Struggles he faced an unexpected disaster, no despair, complaining, did not bow to fate, but the fate of vigor and tenacious.    Lost his job the most urgent is to find a new job to make a living to support themselves, it is inconceivable that he chose writing.Previously he can never written anything like literature, even literature does not read any of the books.    In the first few years, all of his hard labor inputs and passion in exchange for more than 700 rejection slips.He is not discouraged, but at a higher enthusiasm and redouble our efforts to continue unabated pen.Heaven pays off, after the arduous, he finally ushered in the fruits of success: he not only has published more than 20 works, are still dozens of award-winning literary contest, becoming the world-famous writer.    Just as his literary career which reached its peak, he made another surprise move: on foot to travel around the world, and that year he was just 60 years old.With re-install the prosthetic and the pursuit of the ideal, he embarked on a journey trek.Just a few years, he has traveled throughout the American continent and the European continent, in mid-1916, has been nearly seventy years of age he dragged an artificial leg, miraculously climbed the highest peak in Africa kilima year-round snow-covered Kilimanjaro.    He is the famous American writer, travel home, explorer Heymans.The fate of a window close to the Heymans same time, as he opened another window.Anything in the world is multi-faceted, we see just one side, the side of the painful, but the pain often can be transformed.There is a phrase called the pearl mussel disease, which is most apt metaphor for life.Mussels due to sand embedded in the body, it constantly wound to stimulate the secretion of substances to heal, to the wounds to heal, old wounds appeared at a glittering pearl.Which is not suffering nurtured by grain pearl?Any misfortune, failure and loss, are likely to become a factor in our favor.    Life really fair, it can be worn out one’s ambition, but also make a person excel, to see how you are a man.Not just 海尔格布雷 Syrah Gebrselassie and Heymans, many success stories have such experience no swim bladder, they not only failed because of the loss of bladder and never recovered, but because these make them lose more harvest!    Everyone will have the face of setbacks, let us learn not to sharks swim bladder when you have no choice in the face of adversity, do not lose confidence in your own original, do not evade, yield, abandoned Ziyuan Zi put themselves astray select brave, strong, optimistic, positive attitude, walk forward never stop the greatest difficulty will be discouraged because of your bravery!Your heart beat adversity, you’re live strong!