Adversity makes peace

People on the rivers and lakes all know the story of Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi: Zhong Ziqi Yu Boya Guqin listen, aiming Tarzan, son of saying: “Good, good almost Guqin, lofty and imposing if Tarzan!”Small room, aiming water, sub-period, saying:” Good, good almost Guqin, stirred up almost flowing water!”Since then, as the sub-period for the Concert Boya.Yin of the two talk about poetry, toast the invitation, on the film Zouqin, “Mountain and Flowing Water” Qu strike, bomber emotion, the listener intoxicated, really nice.     People have joys and sorrows, month also wanes.Very unfortunately, he passed away one day Zhong Ziqi, Yu Boya naturally sad.Death is resurrection.The son of Yu Boya Jing buried beside the river west of the village, where the scenery, white waterfowl habitat in the river, tall weeping willow branches Tulv Yang, red roses open to the horizon, the tomb of the child during the shade.     Ya sigh: “The world is no longer Concert!”From this day to the son of Cao Qin tomb, but played” Mountain and Flowing Water “, no longer involved in worldly things.This naturally aroused strong dissatisfaction Yu Boya’s wife, complained that he did not understand the whole day to make money, only consumption.See Yu Boya thought of the woman, it is vulgar, carrying dozens of sharing a bed, still less Chu Zhong Ziqi understand him, to achieve a spiritual resonance Salon How can it be readily available?     One day, as usual Ya to the sub-period tomb, suddenly saw his wife will recover over, shaking his head sigh: “the world is large, bosom friend is hard to find ah!”This has not reprove his wife, he walked in front of only Boya, take him in the hands of the piano, sit down.Ya looked at her puzzled, married for so many years, he had never seen his wife Zou Qin, also did not listen to her talk about the piano, I do not know what this time snake oil medicine?     Was surprised to find she has started playing, it is “Mountain and Flowing Water”, his numerous bombs to listen to the song of the child!He did not know his wife was actually playing piano so high, far above their own!Kim Yu-ming sometimes set aside, as the drain, full steam ahead.Smart sometimes graceful, such as bridges, over Liu Shao Yan.A strike-outs, silence.     A long time, his wife spoke up: “There is more than one Zhong Ziqi, not only a Yu Boya.The so-called Concert hard to find, hard to find their own heart.”Ya sat down heavily: often lament that people do not understand themselves, their past and try to understand other people ever?Between the so-called soul mate, also Bottom of Heart.