Adversity is not to honor the success of pages of text

Speaking of adversity, when talk about the British physicist Prague.    Prague, considered one of the youth quasi-beggars, ragged beggar a degree comparable to senior compete, wearing a pair of old shoes of his father, can plug into an egg.Short people are poor blog knows no boundaries, juvenile Prague for their future life, how to get there, and there have been confused period, compared to up urgent need to address the real problem is how to fill the stomach, rather than reading and doing research.Fortunately, the ability to live in Prague’s father, though a low-energy children, can build self-confidence in the educational aspects of life son, has a great wisdom.When Prague was an urgent need helm, his father wrote him a letter, the letter said: Once you have success, I will be proud, because my son was wearing my old shoes successful efforts, contrast up, my son is more remarkable, at least, he pointed out the direction for the poor is not the fate of a struggle can not be changed.Letter profound meaning to this very timely, given the unusual enlightenment Prague, but also to the power of his endless, so he eventually overcome difficulties climbed the heights of science.Adversity for Prague, it just continues to give him a plug can fly feathers, eventually one day, he fly freely in the sky on science, while he was changing his life, still benefit many people.    Indeed, living in the face of adversity, nothing, no improvement is always life examples abound.Some people, when he Haoshou poor year to reflect on their lives, find themselves then have the confidence to have a dream, and also down to the target towards the need to take steps, and the final is still nothing, what went wrong where is it?In fact, the difference was not much, just one step, if you grit your teeth and then a last-ditch, life chances is another look quite the.    Adversity does not equate to success, just the opposite set up numerous roadblocks on the road to success.A wise man once said, There is no desperate situations, only desperate people on the situation.The fate of the law is such that either you masters of our destiny, or fate enslave you, who have the courage to jump over obstacles, as long as he approached the target, a target he’ll never again face the board with a.The payment of adversity to succeed, not only sweat, but also need perseverance, inviting rivers like the ocean needs the wisdom.