Adversity I

Since I will have a special affection for the book.Every semester, the school issued a new book when I exclaimed, the happiest time.Whey kind of incense paper, printing ink incense people feel comfortable.Scholarly book has a special smell I always had a good feeling to do a deep breath, inhale that wonderful smell nose moment, he felt relaxed and happy, comfortable comfortable in your heart amazing.To make the book feel full of good friends forever in my heart, with the book as partners, text-friendly and I like this life planted in the cerebral cortex ideas.    Kind of innate love for books is not optional hand is interested in my life somewhere, but this interest was clean gone in my foot on the journey of life after the sinister, meet me is too let people sad endless suffering and desolation.Maybe God for my blessing to the elderly when comes to my head.    I grew up with good academic performance, because of my naive and headstrong, but it did not escape me too much social injustice.I have always been a nightmare traction, with free.I went to the countryside from the outset entered the nightmare of life, too devastated to enter the adversities of life.But I still did not fall in the face of adversity, because I have an optimistic realm of life, I focus on genuine talent to build and improve the quality of their own learning, the requirements of material I can say than farmers are farmers.In life I just survival, not the other luxury.    However, in the era of the educated youth are uproot, I have not spared.I was placed in township enterprises when, for the sake of knowledge to make progress, asked to participate in a local secondary school’s first financial self-examination.However, this is the underlying reason for the local elite were persecuted and forced to leave the township and village enterprises, work hard to embark on guerrilla life.Despite this, I still do not discard my study, I made the first local secondary school diploma in financial self-examination to the town first, second city of outstanding achievement.This is a unique situation in the local educated youth in Shanghai, which is the most powerful thing underlying deep-seated hatred, because due to my face as they make no.Meritocracy is not accepted in the bottom of the elite, the cronyism apparently their local policies.So I was exiled to the community, but the end result of doing business is not my strong suit, but most of my weaknesses, so I was beaten black and blue, a thin breathe.    Proverb seems to be saying “human experience of suffering in the face of adversity is the wealth of his life, adversity can be a talent.”But I think adversity most people are crushed to death, only a few strong survive, it is a lucky.Maybe I would be such a small number of people survived to Come, and I give myself to eat it soothing medicine.    In that adversity, what kind of suffering, I have run into a fight, suffered, I always strong and unyielding, always struggling.A nightmare when life is about to enter the ear of 60 years sober, I began to sort out life, and understand many, many.The quality of fancy, I go my way, my life is the last laugh.A mere coincidence, I had a close relationship with the network.Under actually similar to the case when the college financial self-examination, without any basis in the case, even in Pinyin all returned to the teacher and will not have any knowledge of online operations, and there is no case study with a teacher, I fiddle actually I learned the Internet.Graffiti on the Internet and start writing, less than three years at the time of writing there are about 1.5 million years of writing, including essays, short stories and novellas text several articles.I own entertainment, Kaidi network has given me a lot, a lot of encouragement, I kind of people who die with a little “sense of achievement”.As the saying goes a late bloomer, I even failed to get stingy, I would not have wishful thinking presumptuous, but my love of writing really went crazy state, maybe my life is destined to play the character of tenure.    End of July, early August is typical of the typhoon season Yangtze River Delta region, the past two days I was writing short stories.Adversity did not seem to me to get rid of, I was a man under siege in the wilderness, among the low room shack.Zijiang red cockroaches sometimes suddenly scared of me again; bombers like mosquitoes buzzing, disturb my peace, and trying to suck my blood; poisonous snake lizard stuck to my head terrible triangle demonstrations, ugly the mouse always bear Xixisuosuo audible annoying to get into my territory, I sent hideous violations of notice, there are moments when I’m frightened; typhoons and storms threatening the security of my old house, including the risk of leaks and the collapse of.There are various preparations to prevent drug addicts, the possibility of a disaster when I.I went to the Shanghai-Hangzhou road to eat breakfast, infringement of heavy rain, the Shanghai-Hangzhou road is no good drainage, low-lying either side of the store went into the water, pastry shop naturally became the hardest hit.When I went to the shop door, they see in front of Jinshan Temple restaurants such as ink like a man sitting in a chair bark of a pool of water, a kind of feeling people’s characteristics, it can only be a hilarious funny and helpless.    Every day I am writing a time code word, a moment of rest in the middle of writing.I sat in the shack on the second floor of the low-ceilinged rooms, Guan Qiao following “landscape”.Ground-floor tenants are all exclusively young wage earners, long ago went to work; I’m a rural house east of the cement road diverges from south to north; south direction of my house, in front of a transcontinental east to west by the river ; the river fishermen moored fishing boats; river was chlorella green color, slightly blinking green, after the storm is muddy green yellow soup, smelled dirt smell; west vegetable garden next door to my house deserted, long pole grass even higher than the people; west ash passage of Jiaxing Power plant, a north-south direction divergence, shelves with Bridge Creek; creek bridge across the east-west direction and ash west north-south direction east of the north-south direction between rural roads bridge across the channel between the east and west of the river, two bridges a old a new, a small a large, come in my sight; then the thing that catches my eye is in the other side of a creek trees, ready to transform posture.Sometimes quietly, sometimes nodded, and sometimes shaky, sometimes blatantly, sometimes lost his temper, which is a natural deterrent; a row of trees to the south is a row of new three-storey building of reinforced concrete structure, outside good-looking inside empty, mostly in order to meet the so-called relocation moving enough brains.Because of farmers’ income hopeless, only in this rack their brains brains, fuss.Who dares to tamper with the private property of farmers, this is the most basic survival bottom line of farmers, who would dare mess.But this is only the farmers unilateral wishful thinking and ideas; the river is full, full bridge, over the road, garbage all over the floor, broken clothes, fruit leather, rotten scraps of paper, a dead dog dead cat litter everywhere, flies mosquitoes, Snake rodents, cats and dogs beast, flying everywhere, scurrying.I was in this environment every day, hiding in the low-ceilinged room on the second floor broke my writing graffiti.I can not have too noble words, my words out of nature, out of reality, out of the bottom, for civilians.    Yesterday under a night of heavy rain, I get up at midnight.Switch move windows and doors, giving top priority, I did several times.The rain stopped for a while, tightness, and I opened the doors and windows; while winds thunderstorm scared I quickly shut the doors and windows open.And so, as a conditioned reflex repetitive work, I find myself becoming exhausted straight up.Because the book accidentally, while the storm they put me in the room, ah, ah pen, furniture, ah, ah home made everywhere vicissitudes, tears dripping, anything, I had to make the move with the wrath of God, God’s efforts to quell wrath, roaring in God to be a little respite in.    Today thunderstorms have grazed the edge of the impact, followed by a storm.Adversity I always lived a life of Qingping, with their own aspirations, aspirations, interests, state for the less noble friction and collision, until the day they die.