Adversity Hope

People in the face of adversity, if not superhuman perseverance and self-confidence, will slowly out of the ordinary norm: lingering sadness of past love, love to stay in self-enclosed circle unwilling to return to reality, total love alone alone think, to transform itself into a loner.Often the past, certainly far away from friends, family, love, will lose themselves; and even lose confidence in the survival, choose death.    Life is always an ebb and flow: success breeds with the possibility of failure, failure breeds success and the possibility of despair but also a glimmer of hope the stars; God closes a door, but also left you a window may open an account.People in the face of adversity, as long as then hold on, you can climb to the edge of happy, happy to breathe the breath.Do not underestimate this short moment persist, it is the opportunity of flash.If you seize the opportunity of the moment, it can be brilliant achievements of.Unfortunately, people in the face of adversity, when wandering hesitation, most often easy to overlook this meteor-like fleeting moment; left, just a pity the sky, make you regret it, so that you deplore.    In fact, stress is more conducive to the growth of people: Adversity increased human knowledge and ideas.When we found this the wrong way, you know the way this is how wrong choice, then how came to enrich the knowledge and experience.Adversity expand the vision and pattern of human.When we find this road to go more difficult time than expected, they do a good job for the next more fully with realistic expectations preparation; may only spend the next seven to complete the normal force is the force to be completed thing.Adversity motivate human potential.With the risk of traveling, there is a challenge to be able to stimulate their ability to also imagine the original.    Master Zhang Haidi, a famous writer of persons with disabilities, philosophy.When she was five years old suffering from spinal hemangioma cause paraplegia, completely lost the basic conditions for normal life, indeed the depths of adversity.She can follow the example of Paul, reshaped life with perseverance and a new self.She perseverance defeated the disease, with his life to sing the true meaning of life.She reshape their life values in the face of a major setback, let each of us healthy than those who do not deserve.Life can have a few back stroke?After fighting a major setback is the best state of life, but also a sublimation.Zhang Haidi praise thus got two: one is the ‘eighties new Lei Feng “, is a” contemporary Paul “.    Two thousand years ago, Mencius said: day to drop any man also, we must first suffer their aspirations, workers of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, the line fu chaos.This means that people want to do something, they want their ordeal and exercise.Is not it?King Wen arrested and play “Book of Changes”, Zhong Ni and briefly as “Spring”, is the exile Qu Yuan Fu “Lament” Zuo Qiu blindness Guoyu Being Born “,” Sun Tzu Bin feet, repair Art of War column, Kabwe moved Shiwei Shu “Lu Glance “Han Fei Qin prisoners” difficult “,” ANGER “,” Poetry “three hundred.If the pearl oysters cemented the pain, then when people experienced a setback again, naturally form indomitable perseverance, fearless courage and strength of character.Even though they may fall, but still climb up the hard way all the way song; face setbacks, frustration control, will resolve the setbacks, overcome setbacks.    Opportunities will always patronize those who are prepared.People in the face of adversity, we do not give up hope for the future, as long as wipe tears from his eyes, ready to battle again; recognize and fully self-dissection, Yang himself long to avoid their own weaknesses, his own advantage , specialty becomes overcome all difficulties, to break through all difficulties magic.    Life always was a profound philosopher, he throws a piece, a pile of things, you should seriously consider, with the wisdom to complete.Life is a difficult to tame horses, only encountered good horses, it will pick up your Scriptures laden life; otherwise, in front of the horse, you can only ever be as an infantryman, I can not understand the horse ride the battlefield of pride.    Those who are in adversity Oh, those happy people wandering in the edge Oh, please give yourself a little bit of courage it!Exchange with sincere confidence, incitement life with passion; you will be able to step into the threshold of happiness, enjoyment of life of sun and rain.